Fat Comedy: First Oliver Pocher now Bilal Gold – fists fly again

Fat Comedy: First Oliver Pocher now Bilal Gold – fists fly again

Fat Comedy is best known for his hard slap in the face against Oliver Pocher. Now he’s throwing his fists at Bilal Gold.

Hamburg – Apparently, Fat Comedy, whose real name is Omar, has not yet slapped Oliver Pocher. Because the TikTok star is now planning a real boxing match. Although he will not compete against the well-known comedian, his new opponent also promises an interesting match. In the past few months, streamers have repeatedly held boxing matches, and Trymacs has also been seen in the ring. Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold will then step into the ring in September. We’ll tell you when and where you can follow the boxing event of the two heavyweights.

Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: Date, tickets and stream of the boxing event

When does the event take place: The boxing match between Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold will take place on September 10th. The two TikTok stars will meet as part of a big main event. The fight spectacle is again organized by Universum Boxing. They also published the first encounter between the two on YouTube, in the video the influencers still seem a bit reserved. Whether the two will be a little more quick-witted in the ring will be seen on September 10th. Exact times for the respective fights have not yet been published.

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Here’s how you can watch the fight: Universum Boxing has already revealed that the fight can be followed both in the gym and online. However, advance ticket sales have not yet started. If you’d rather watch the fight from home anyway, you can easily do so on the Universum Boxing stream. Because the entire evening will be broadcast live on YouTube. The fans were also able to follow Universum Boxing’s last big Fight Night in the stream.

  • Date: September 10, 2022
  • Location: Universum Boxing Gym, Grosse Elbstrasse 268, 22767 Hamburg
  • Streaming: YouTube: universe boxing

This is fat comedy: Fat Comedy is a household name on TikTok. There he recently had a total of 1.5 million followers who followed his funny videos. But after the slap scandal surrounding Oliver Pocher, his TikTok profile was blocked. Now he can only reach his community via Instagram, where the influencer has 318,000 followers. One of the things Fat Comedy is known for is that he managed to lose 100 kilograms in a year. For himself, this change was only possible because he decided to no longer focus on comedy. Fat Comedy is now concentrating on his music career, he has also released his own songs like “Sugardaddy”.

Fat Comedy plans next slap in the face – TikTok star gets into the boxing ring

© Universe Boxing

This is Bilal Gold: Fat Comedy’s opponent is Bilal Gold. Bilal is also known for his TikTok channel, where he has over 1.1 million followers. Bilal Gold often shows up with his little son on TikTok and offers his followers private insights into his life. At the beginning of this year, Bilal even opened his own kebab shop in downtown Duisburg.

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Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: Omar as a challenger – That’s why the fight ensues

So there is a fight: As revealed in the face-to-face video of the two, Fat Comedy challenged Bilal Gold to a fight on Instagram. The invitation to get in the ring together came about because, in the background of a phone call between Omar and a friend, Bilal Gold loudly announced that Fat Comedy didn’t stand a chance against him. Of course, the social media star couldn’t let that sit down and now wants to officially prove the opposite to Bilal Gold in the ring.

Rubric list image: © Universum Boxing