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An eyepatch alien from Star Wars Eclipse

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Of: Jonas Dirkes

It’s almost time and Gamescom 2022 will start in Cologne. There are a few games that should not be missing at the fair.

Cologne – Finally Gamescom again! This year the holy gates of the games fair will be reopened after the mandatory Corona break. From August 23rd to 28th, Cologne will once again be upside down and celebrate gaming in all its facets. We can’t wait for the start of the fair and are therefore solemnly presenting our hopes for Gamescom 2022.

name of the fair Gamescom
location Cologne
First exhibition 2009, previously as Games Convention in Leipzig
Visitors (2019) 373,000
Exhibitor 1153
Next appointment August 24, 2022 to August 28, 2022

Gamescom 2022: Fingers crossed for Star Wars Eclipse and Hogwarts Legacy

Quantic Dream reveals first Star Wars Eclipse gameplay: We’re crossing our fingers to see gameplay from Quantic Dreams Star Wars Eclipse for the first time. Already last year, the makers of Detroit: Become Human or Heavy Rain delighted us with a bombastic Cinematic Trailr about their new game for the Sony PS5. At this year’s Gamescom, Quantic Dream is even represented, at least in the business area. If there isn’t gameplay for everyone, maybe Star Wars Eclipse will be shown behind closed doors.

Star Wars Eclipse first gameplay is at the top of our wish list! © Quantic Dream | Gamescom

A release date for Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter fans are getting nervous. Hogwarts Legacy still lacks a fixed release date, but the magic dream should actually appear sometime at the end of the year. We hope that Gamescom 2022 will provide clarity here and will finally reveal when the new school year at Hogwarts begins. Oh, and we’d love to see a Hogwarts Legacy demo too!

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New meme fodder from Geoff Keighley: As in previous years, the 2022 trade fair will open with the Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 23rd. As always, she will be moderated by moderation machine Geoff Keighley. In addition to the mandatory World premieres, which is the gaming veteran’s favorite thing to announce, let’s hope for the usual awkwardness and cringe moments during Gamescom Opening Night Live that Keighley is famous, infamous and loved for. Our best case scenario: A meme moment that will go down in the history books.

Collage of our wishes for Gamescom 2022
Gamescom 2022: Our hopes for the fair – These are the games we really want to see © Geoff Keighley | Kojima Productions | Warner Brothers | Gamescom | microsoft | Sony | Unsplash | Namco Bandai | Quantic Dream

Sony pulls a PS5 trump card up its sleeve: Unlike many other publishers, Sony has been conspicuously inconspicuous in the gaming summer. There were no new announcements except for the PS5 remake of The Last of Us. At Gamescom, the Japanese have always been good for a surprise. For example, a game like Until Dawn was unveiled on the Gamescom stage. Sony itself will not have a stand at Gamescom 2022, but there could be an announcement during Opening Night Live. We’re hoping for a big surprise, a real PS5 breaker from Sony – whether it’s Bloodborne 2, something from Naughty Dog or a new Silent Hill doesn’t really matter to us anymore.

Gamescom 2022: Hopefully PS4 and Xbox One will be a thing of the past

Tekken 8 Announced: Long, long is the last Iron Fist Tournament here. A whole 7 years have passed since Tekken 7 – so it’s high time for a successor to the legendary brawl game. The chances of a new Tekken are not that bad, because publisher Bandai Namco is already represented at Gamescom. In any case, we wouldn’t say no to an announcement about Tekken 8.

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Hideo Kojima and Ludens, the mascot of Kojima Productions
Hideo Kojima is always good for an enigmatic surprise appearance – maybe this Gamescom too? © Kojima Productions | Gamescom

Hideo Kojima announces something that nobody then understands: It’s no secret that Geoff Keighley and gaming mastermind Hideo Kojima are good friends. With every new Keighley show, there’s basically a new Kojima performance (even just a video message) in the air. We therefore hope to see you again during the Gamescom Opening Night Live. Kojima would have many projects to show: his development studio is currently working on an unnamed Xbox project and allegedly on Death Stranding 2 and a game for PSVR 2. Incidentally, Kojima once published the infamous PT demo as part of Gamescom.

The Death of Last Gen Consoles: One Getting your hands on Xbox Series X or PS5 hasn’t been a cakewalk since the release of the consoles. After almost two years on the market, we have now reached a point where we no longer want to see multi-gen games at a trade fair. We hope that Gamescom will focus entirely on the new consoles and that the old hardware will no longer be dragged along with it. That means very clearly: we want to see fresh games that are only possible on Xbox Series X and PS5.