Secret Names in Patch Notes – Developers Reveal Why

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Code names for weapons keep appearing in the Warzone patch notes. Fans are extremely annoyed by this. Apparently there is no other way.

Santa Monica, California – Anyone who deals a lot with Warzone cannot avoid the patch notes. For ages, however, fans have been puzzled as to why Activision only calls the weapons there by code names. After all, it is extremely frustrating for players to still have to translate the patch notes. Now employees revealed the frustrating reason why there is no other way.

Warzone devs explain the reason for code names – are annoyed by it themselves

What code names are you talking about? Warzone receives weekly updates accompanied with patch notes. Weapons get under the wheels again and again. Recently, for example, the H4 Blixen in Warzone was heavily nerfed. When it comes to weapon changes, there is one detail that has been bugging fans for ages. The guns are named differently in the patch notes than in the game. Instead of STG44, the Warzone patch notes say Assault Rifle Alpha.

Warzone: Code names must be used © Activision / IMAGO: YAY Images (Montage)

That’s why they’re used in the patch notes: Players have long wondered why the developers didn’t just use the same names in the patch notes as in the game. After all, it is extremely annoying to first have to compile the changes. As it turned out, the devs are at least as annoyed by the code names as the fans.

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On Twitter, a fan asked staff at Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games the reason for weapon code names in Warzone. The answer is as simple as it is frustrating: for legal reasons. Activision may not use the names of the weapons in patch notes. This means that fans will not be able to avoid translating the weapons themselves in the future either.

Warzone: code names translated – so you save yourself the search

These are the code names for Vanguard Translated: So that you don’t have to search forever next time, we’ve translated the most important weapons from CoD Vanguard for you here. Weapons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War appear less frequently in the patch notes, so we’ve not listed them here for now. In the meantime, developers have revealed why “Modern Warfare” weapons cannot be buffed in Warzone.

assault rifles SMG’s LMGs snipers
alpha STG44 M1928 MG42 3 line
Bravo ITRA burst sten DP27 Kar98k
charlie BAR MP40 Bren type 99
delta NZ-41 PPSh-41 type 11 Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle
echo People’s Assault Rifle Owen Gun Whitley
fox trot AS44 type 100
golf X Welgun
hotel automaton
India Cooper carabiner
juliet KG M40

In the table you will not find all weapons from Vanguard. That’s because we’ve focused on the weapon classes that are most commonly used. If you’re looking for setups, check out our article on the most popular weapons in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.