Stoic survivalist in Apex Legends gets clumsy flirty lines – fans love it

Stoic survivalist in Apex Legends gets clumsy flirty lines - fans love it

Season 14 “Hunted” brought some new content to players in Apex Legends. Including new flirty interactions between Bloodhound and Fuse. When flirting, the stoic survivalist Bloodhound begins to stutter nervously and seems a bit overwhelmed by the situation. The fans are excited.

Apex Legends legend Bloodhound is best known as a ruthless hunter and survivalist. In the new season “Hunted” in Apex Legends, however, the character shows a completely different side of himself:

While Fuse flirts easily, Bloodhound stutters and seems noticeably nervous during conversations. Users on reddit and YouTube are excited about how the two characters’ relationship has evolved and celebrate the survivor’s clumsy flirtatious voice lines.

Here you can see the launch trailer for the season “Hunted” in Apex Legends:

Apex Legends-Hunted Launch Trailer

“Anything to keep you by my side…er…fight by my side.”

What are the interactions between Bloodhound and Fuse? On reddit, user creedroyce posted a video titled, “The new Bloodhound and Fuse interactions are pretty interesting” (via reddit). In the clip you can hear some of the new voice lines in English.

Fuse says, “Just what the doctor ordered. And I’ll take that loot, too.” Bloodhound replies, “Anything so you’ll stay by my side.” The survivalist immediately tries to correct himself, stuttering, “uh… fight by my side.”

Another conversation ensues when Bloodhound helps Fuse: “Get back on your feet, partner.” Fuse humorously follows up, “Ahh…partner, eh?”. Bloodhound tries to make excuses, promising himself again: “Oh no, I’m veikr with your tongue-speak!”

According to one dictionary for Old Icelandic language veikr means “weak”.

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You can see a video by MadLad collecting the new Bloodhound and Fuse voicelines on YouTube (via youtube).

Bloodhound and Fuse in the Mayhem Launch Trailer, via YouTube

How do users react to the interaction? Under the MadLad YouTube video, users are enthusiastic about the new voice lines:

  • curposio: “So funny to see Bloodhound so excited lmao. Fuse and Bloodhound are such opposites, but I love their chemistry and I hope they have more voice lines like that.”
  • Moshi Mosh: “The moment Fuse said, ‘Hopefully there’s room for more,’ I knew. i ship it [Möchte, dass die Charaktere in einer Beziehung sind].”
  • asaknight321: “The two deserve each other”.
  • Jarvis Campbell: “I didn’t think Bloodhound could be cute. I was wrong…absolutely wrong.”

Also on reddit, the users react positively to the flirting interaction between Bloodhound and Fuse:

  • AmazingSpacePelican: “In a game where there are so many ships [vom Englischen Relationship, übersetzt Beziehung] out there, this one is probably the cutest.”
  • RouliettaPouet: “It’s so cute. My friend sent me the link and the first thing I said was ‘AWWWWWWWWWWWWW’”
  • Ok_Mud2019: “The way Bloodhound gets nervous is the cutest thing ever”.

What else was there in the season “Hunted”? In addition to the voice lines for Bloodhound and Fuse, there is other new content in Apex Legends Season 14:

Big innovations were, for example, the “redesigned Königsschlucht” as a map and the new legend Vantage and its bat companion “Echo”. The level cap in the game has now been increased and there have been extensive patch notes.

What are your thoughts on the flirty interaction between Bloodhound and Fuse? Write it to us in the comments.

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If you want to know more about the new legend Vantage, here is an interview by MeinMMO with the developers of the character, in which we asked for tips on how to play.