War of the Roses and Mud Battle – Youth Welfare Office intervenes

Cake TV with his son in his arms.  Next to it the lettering

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Of: Josh Grossman

The Youtuber Cake TV has separated from his girlfriend. Now there is a war of the roses including a mud fight.

Braunschweig – Tim Heldt has become known on YouTube askuchenTV and regularly brings new content to internet dramas and scandals. Now the 27-year-old from Braunschweig is the center of attention again. After Cake TV and girlfriend Gina separated in May, she is now supposed to rush the youth welfare office on the YouTuber. Cake TV made this matter public in its Instagram story and threatened Gina to make a clean sweep of her past.

Real name Tim Heldt
Known as CakeTV
birthday April 19, 1995
Place of birth Salzgitter
Subscribers on YouTube 1.1 million (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 317,000 (as of July 2022)

Cake TV: Dispute goes public – youth welfare office visits YouTuber

What happened? Although the separation of Cake TV and Gina is said to have taken place on good terms, a fierce dispute over custody of their son Noah is now becoming public. The YouTuber has often been the subject of scandals, such as the tasteless Ukraine posting by Cake TV, where he received a shitstorm. Cake TV shared his frustration on Instagram after the authorities contacted him.

“My ex sent the youth welfare office to me because of alleged security problems in Noah’s apartment. She hasn’t even been in the apartment since she moved out. You don’t even know what it’s like here. I don’t see anything like that. Instead of sticking together for Noah, such an action from behind.”

Gina is said to have said: In the meantime, the youth welfare office was at CakeTV, so the YouTuber can give the all-clear – so the safety concerns were out of thin air. The officials were able to give CakeTV more details about his ex-girlfriend’s concerns. Allegedly he is permanently on drugs and constantly pushes his son to relatives. He is supposed to bruise Noah and leave the 2-year-old starving and with full diapers. The accusations leave CakeTV speechless.

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Cake TV fears for his only son: “My ex is rushing the youth welfare office to me” © Instagram: kuchentv (Montage)

Nothing for the public: A fan of CakeTV wrote a message in response to the YouTuber’s posts. The fan has concerns about the cake TV making the dispute public. In a further statement, Heldt says that he is not interested in using the public as a weapon, but in showing solidarity with people who are in a similar situation and showing them that they are not alone. The YouTuber from Braunschweig emphasizes that he wants the best for his 2-year-old son.

Cake TV threatens to unpack – Gina is said to have fooled and manipulated him

Cake TV speaks plain language:I’ve got so much up my sleeve that you don’t even know it all“explains Cake TV in its statement on Instagram. Gina is said to have “screwed” and “manipulated” to have. Cake TV says that Gina only saw him as a financier and is now trying to collect unlawful maintenance. “If I were to unpack properly“KuchenTV writes on Instagram, meaning many sometimes violent things that have not yet been made public in the dispute between him and Gina. However, this is not a decision he wants to make hasty and he will consult with close friends and acquaintances.

Gina says: Gina also made a brief statement about the new dispute. In it, the 24-year-old writes that she leaves the statements of Cake TV without comment. “I will not comment on the matter as it does not belong to the public‘ the mother wrote on Instagram. One can only hope that the two will find the right solution and cause as little grief as possible for their son Noah.

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