WoW: The best hunter items for Cartel Confusing Dinar

While not a trinket or weapon, the Dark Ranger's Quiver is an important item nonetheless.  Because the additional effect that you cause bonus damage every ten shots is enormously strong. 

With Season 4, the WoW developers are trying to keep the content that has already been played fresh for a while longer with a few tricks so that the waiting time until Dragonflight doesn’t feel as long as it really is. Season 4 has therefore brought the Fateful Raids, in which we can beat the bosses again with some affixes – in exchange for better rewards, of course. Since we can only go into a certain raid every three weeks, the developers have also introduced the cartel’s dinars.

In a quest line you knock down fateful bosses, receive the new currency and are allowed to buy a total of three items from a special dealer. These are weapons and jewelry. There is one special item for hunters. So that you can make this important and irreversible choice correctly, we have selected the best items for you that you can buy for your spec.

Confusing Cartel Dinar – Marksmanship Hunter

As with many other classes, the weapon is the be-all and end-all for maximum damage in the Marksmanship Hunter. Therefore, it should be your first focus. Only when you hold a good weapon in your hands do you take care of the other slots.

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your new weapon

By far the best weapon for a Marksmanship Hunter is the Sylvanas Bow: Rae’shalare. Unfortunately, this bow is not available from the new dealers. However, the developers have already downgraded the arc in the Fateful Raids from Legendary to Epic and increased the drop rate. If you still have bad luck with the loot, then grab it Astral Judgment – this gun offers you the highest item level, but is significantly weaker than Sylvanas’ bow.

your new jewels

Your most important trinket is The first seal. You should definitely get this one. Ideally, you connect it to the Elegy of the Eternals. This gives you a powerful combination of a use and an equip trinket – perfect for most fights. If you have gotten a weapon, you can only afford one of the trinkets, because there is an item that is even more important.

While not a trinket or weapon, the Dark Ranger’s Quiver is an important item nonetheless. Because the additional effect that you cause bonus damage every ten shots is enormously strong.

Source: buffed

The offer of the dealers is also the Dark Ranger’s Quiver. This cloak provides you with an additional effect that makes it far superior to all other cloaks. Every ten shots, you automatically fire shadow damage at enemies in front of you. In the course of a fight, something really comes together. After the gun and The first seal is Sylvanas’ cloak on the shopping list at the latest – if you already have the previous one at an acceptable item level, you can even prefer the cloak.

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