Best DVB-T2 antenna: Good reception indoors & outdoors


A DVB-T2 antenna is required for terrestrial television reception. A small indoor antenna is often sufficient. In the following, we present recommended models and give tips on what to look out for when buying.

By Sven Wernicke

The second generation of Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial – DVB-T2 for short – has long been established in Germany. With a suitable receiver, which is built into many televisions, you can enjoy public and private TV channels. And sometimes without additional costs.

All you need is a DVB-T2 antenna. In the vicinity of transmission towers and in urban areas, a simple indoor antenna is usually sufficient. In rural areas without a cell tower nearby, you need an outdoor antenna. You are well advised with the following DVB-T2 antennas.

ISY ITA-751-2: Stylish compact indoor antenna

full screen

The DVB-T2 antenna looks almost like a smartphone.

Image: © ISY 2022

Do you value an attractive appearance and don’t you just want to put a gray box in your apartment? Then the ITA-751-2 from ISY is a good choice. The indoor antenna is black and looks like a smartphone at first glance.

The antenna is specialized for the UHF frequency band and offers enough flexibility for setting up or mounting with a 1.5 meter long cable.

Per against
+ Coherent design – LED on antenna cannot be switched off
+ Frequency band from 470 MHz to 790 MHz (UHF)

ISY ITA-751-2
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Oehlbach Scope Vision: Strong test winner

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The Scope Vision from Oehlbach ensures good reception in the living room.

Image: © Oehlbach 2022

the It is not without reason that Scope Vision from Oehlbach is one of the best DVB-T2 antennas of recent years. The Stiftung Warentest test winner was specially developed for DVB-T2. You connect the white indoor antenna directly to your TV set. Power is supplied via a USB port on the television or a supplied USB power supply unit.

You can position the antenna anywhere you like or mount it on the wall. The 24-carat gold-plated contacts make it clear that this is a valuable product. Another highlight is the extremely low-noise receiver – so you receive the TV channels clearly.

Per against
+ Particularly low-noise receiver – Relatively large
+ Gold-plated contacts
+ Frequency band from 470 to 862 MHz (UHF) or 174 to 230 MHz (VHF)

Oehlbach scope vision
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One for All SV 9494: Spherical antenna

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The One for All DVB-T2 antenna offers a futuristic look.

Image: © One for all 2022

An indoor antenna can also be an eye-catcher, like that SV 9494 from One for All shows. In 2019 she received the Red Dot Design Award. The award-winning product also scores with its inner values: The integrated filter for noise reduction and the blocking filter for 3G, 4G and 5G are practical. This avoids unnecessary interference and spurious frequencies.

LEDs help you to find the perfect installation location. You change the orientation by rotating the top dome until the LEDs show full signal strength. This is how you optimize TV reception. The 3 meter long cable is also worth mentioning. Not many indoor DVB-T-2 antennas offer that much latitude.

Per against
+ Filter for 3G/4G/5G signals
+ 3 meter long cable
+ Eye-catching design

One for All SV 9494
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Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor: Antenna for DVB-T2, DAB and DAB+

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The Scope Vision from Oehlbach is also available as an outdoor version.

Image: © Oehlbach 2022

The outdoor version of the Scope Vision from Oehlbach offers a number of advantages over the indoor antenna. For example, it is also suitable for DAB and DAB+ – a corresponding adapter is available separately.

In addition, the outdoor model from Oehlbach covers a slightly larger frequency range (UHF: 470-870 MHz, VHF: 47-230 MHz). The waterproof and UV-resistant housing can be mounted on a pole or wall, or set up using a kickstand.

The Scope Vision Outdoor comes with a 10 meter long antenna cable, brackets and power supply.

Per against
+ Gold-plated contacts
+ Prepared for DAB and DAB+
+ 10 meter long cable

Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor
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One for All SV 9450 5G: Robust outdoor antenna with filter function

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The SV 9450 from One for All withstands even the toughest weather conditions.

Image: © One for all 2022

Installed outdoors, achieves that SV 9450 from One for All best results within a radius of up to 25 kilometers from the nearest transmission tower. Rain doesn’t bother the outdoor antenna thanks to the IP55 certification. According to the manufacturer, this model was designed for “the toughest weather conditions”.

Thanks to a 3G/4G/5G filter, the antenna is protected from cellular interference. And you get everything you need for the installation. Connection plugs, fastening material and a 6 meter long cable are included.

Per against
+ Filter for 3G/4G/5G signals
+ IP55 certification

One for All SV 9450
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What you should consider when buying a DVB-T2 antenna

The best DVB-T2 antenna is not necessarily the largest or strongest. Which properties the model that suits you must have almost always depends on where you live. Before you buy, check the following points:

  • Receipt check: The first question should be: Can I even receive DVB-T2 in my residential area? The answer is provided by the official one DVB-T2 info website. Enter your zip code and find out whether you can receive terrestrial television and which antenna makes sense.
  • TV programs: The range of receivable TV channels also depends on where you live. Public broadcasters are available free of charge almost everywhere in Germany. A fee-based subscription to Freenet TV is required for private broadcasters.
  • receivers: Many modern TV sets have an integrated DVB-T2 receiver. If this is not the case, you need a separate receiver, such as the Strong SRT 8215.
  • Type of antenna: There are two types of antenna for DVB-T2 reception: The indoor antenna delivers good results with very close transmission masts within a radius of 5 to 15 kilometers. You attach the external antenna outside, for example on the window sill or balcony. You need them when the nearest transmission tower is 10 to 25 kilometers away. In rare cases, DVB-T2 roof antennas are required (hardly relevant in Germany). You need one if the next transmission station is (far) more than 25 kilometers away.
  • Active and passive DVB-T2 antennas: Most DVB-T2 antennas are active, which means they have an integrated amplifier that increases the signal strength. He needs a power connection. So keep a socket free near the antenna.
  • wireless network: The main source of interference for TV reception via DVB-T2 is the cell phone network. That’s why antennas with 3G/4G/5G filters are recommended – especially if you live in a big city.
  • Other sources of interference: Electronic devices such as microwaves, lamps and everything that generates magnetic fields can disrupt the television picture with DVB-T2 reception. If this is the case for you, it may be worth setting up the antenna in a different location.

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