Destruction of ARD – research errors, defamation and more in reports

Reporter Christoph Kürbel is shocked and sits next to Vincent

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Of: Janik Boeck

Youtuber Just Nero calls one of his latest videos: “Destruction of the ARD”. There he uncovers research errors, defamation and more in a report.

Hamburg – Anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet has probably stumbled across personalities like the dragon lord sooner or later. He and some other people have been persecuted and hunted down for years. In a report by ARD, the perpetrator profile of a hater should now be highlighted. However, some serious mistakes are said to have been made. A YouTuber is now making serious allegations against the post and those responsible.

ARD uploads report to hater community – YouTuber raises serious allegations

What report is it? On August 8, ARD broadcast a report in the “Rabiat” format, which can now also be found in the ARD media library. The article is titled “Confessions of a Hater” and deals with the kind of cyberbullying that also happens to the Dragon Lord. It also recently made headlines again. The police are probably investigating violent videos against Drachenlord. The reporter Christoph Kürbel interviewed Vincent, the younger brother of a close friend. Vincent is said to have been part of the hater scene for years.

Destruction of ARD – Christoph Kürbel (left) and Vincent (right) in conversation © ARD Mediathek

Which YouTuber is making the allegations? The ARD report is currently under criticism. The YouTuber “Just Nero” published a video on his channel. In his video, he highlighted the Rabiat contribution and pointed out some inconsistencies and grievances.

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Rabiat reportage is sharply criticized by YouTubers

What are the allegations? Just Nero addresses several points in his video that he accuses the ARD of. Some of them could still be dismissed as careless mistakes, while others are significantly more serious. Just Nero raises these allegations against ARD:

  • Vincent is said to belong to the right-wing extremist scene

    A headset can be seen several times in the article, on which the imperial flag can be seen

    Vincent has “liked” several pages with a National Socialist background on Facebook

    A picture of Bismarck hangs on the wall in Vincent’s room

    In the video, Vincent wears clothing from the Lonsdale brand, which is not directly right-wing, but is popular with right-wing extremists because of the letters “NSDA”.
  • Several research errors

    The term “mask hunter”, which is used in the report, is said to have been invented

    Instead of as claimed in the report, there should not be hundreds, but hundreds of thousands of haters

    Drachenlord did not publish his address in a live stream, but in a video
  • Victims of the haters are shown uncensored and thus exposed

    Videos of the Dragonlord freaking out are uncensored

    Victims are named

    The Dragon Lord’s address is given uncensored

    Aline Bachmann is shown during an emotional breakdown

    The street where Aline Bachmann lives is shown uncensored

    Street of Kalli’s place of residence is shown
  • Perpetrators are turned into victims

    A victim of the haters unsolicitedly sends obscene pictures. However, this fact is not highlighted in the report.

    Crimes already convicted by Dragonlord are represented as presumptive by subjunctive

    Aline Bachmann is only portrayed as a victim, her actions, which triggered the initial criticism, are hardly illuminated
  • Sources are not properly cited

    At one point in the video, the source is “Vincent” instead of the platform the video came from
  • Double standards

    The report criticizes the distribution of clips, while at the same time exactly such clips are distributed in it
  • Guide to Undetected Crimes

    The video explains how haters remain undetected and cannot be legally prosecuted
  • Vincent is said to have lied in several places

    In the video, he claims that he never goaded Kalli. An audio file in the Nero video suggests the opposite

    Vincent claims that Kalli agreed to a visit with him, but here too an audio file suggests the opposite

    According to the audio files, contrary to what is claimed in the report, Vincent is not a dropout from the hater scene
  • Unannounced interview visit

    The reporter is said to have visited Kalli unsolicited and unannounced with the camera team, but initially claimed the opposite
  • defamation of some YouTubers

    Rezo is presented as a possible origin of hate waves

    The YouTuber Abgrift is portrayed as a bully by young children

    World Wide Living Room has been criticized because Kalli appeared in a video there
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Serious allegations against the ARD – Rabiat editorial team reacts

This is how the editorial team reacted to the allegations: The Just Nero video has over 332,000 views (as of August 11, 2022, 2:04 p.m.). In the comments under the post In the ARD media library, some users also referred to it and asked for a statement. The Rabiat editorial team has responded and responded to this.

The editors reject the accusation of working with a possible right-wing extremist. The symbolism shown in the video was allegedly legally checked and classified as harmless. It was the author’s decision to leave them in the post to show Vincent’s living environment. According to his own statements, he is no longer active in any right-wing extremist group. Vincent’s actions are also not related to his political views.

The editors write that the report sufficiently addressed the mistakes and offenses of the victims. However, one is of the opinion that no misconduct justifies bullying. In addition, Just Nero is said to have used sources from the hater scene. “The main source […] be a hater from the dragon lord game who tried be a protagonist [des] to extort contribution‘ the editor writes.

The ARD logo in front of a destroyed room
Destruction of the ARD – Rabiat does not let the allegations stand © ARD / Unsplash (Montage)

The names of the bullying victims may be mentioned in the report because they are all public figures. So there is a so-called legitimate interest in them. The homes of Kopfnuss Kalli and Aline Bachmann were also allowed to be shown because there were no directions, no street names or bell signs were shown and no outside shots can be seen.

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The ARD is not the first time in the criticism

Previous allegations against the public broadcasters: Rabiat’s report is not the first post in the public service network to receive criticism. A few weeks ago, YouTuber Rezo Funk criticized an incorrect report. The affected channel publicly responded to the criticism and promised to improve. It remains to be seen whether such a video from Rabiat will come. For now, however, the editors seem to be responding to all inquiries and comments in the comments and are trying to communicate transparently.