Diablo Immortal: Bug to randomly reduce XP

Diablo Immortal: Bug to randomly reduce XP

from Benjamin Grundken
On Reddit, a player reports in a fairly detailed post supported by screenshots that Diablo Immortal does not always count experience correctly. He suspects a bug and asks Blizzard to take a closer look at the problem.

Reddit user “u/staplepies” may have a bug in Diablo Immortal found. As a result, experience is not counted correctly. He and other players have been wanting to monitor the problem for a month. However, it is still not clear to them whether the error is triggered by specific events or whether it occurs randomly. It’s about experience points that you should get by killing enemies.

“We don’t know exactly why or when it’s happening. It appears to vary in frequency/impact from zone to zone and possibly time of day as well, but we’re not yet able to discern a reliable pattern or cause .” It goes on to say: “Overall, it can result in a double-digit percentage of XP loss – sometimes even apparently up to ~50 percent.”

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XP bug in Diablo Immortal: No clear pattern so far

“Staplepies” in his thread shows some comparison screenshots from the Shassar Oasis area and states that “the bug occurs everywhere I’ve tested it to some degree”. In the course of the post, he describes in detail the individual enemies in this area, their usual EXP rates and sets the values ​​he has measured recently for comparison. Hypotheses what caused the bug in Diablo Immortal triggers, the Reddit user also had some. However, he repeatedly fails to reproduce the error.

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“For a while we suspected it was caused by summoning kills or activating certain buffs or abilities, but every time we thought we saw such a pattern and then tested it, it didn’t repeat itself.”

Finally, “Staplepies” asks other players for their support and explains how best to check the experience values. “Help draw Blizzard’s attention to this.” It’s possible that the bug is so random that only the developers have enough information to figure out why it’s occurring.

Source: Reddit