Diablo Immortal: New bug annoys players and “reduces XP for everyone”

Diablo Immortal: New bug annoys players and "reduces XP for everyone"

Diablo Immortal players report a new bug that “reduces XP for everyone”.

in the subreddit Regarding the game, they claim – also with the help of examples and screenshots – that “there is a bug that reduces the XP earned from a large proportion of kills and XP bullets”.

unknown factors

“We don’t quite understand why or when it happens,” writes user staplepies. He’s one of five people who analyzed all of this for about a month.

“The frequency and impact seems to vary from zone to zone and may also depend on the time of day, but we’re not yet able to discern a reliable pattern or cause. But overall, it can add up to a double-digit percentage of XP – lead to losses, sometimes apparently even up to 50 percent.”

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“Under ‘normal’ circumstances, you always get the same XP for every mob of a certain type,” it says. “There are three mob types in Shassar Oasis – Dust Imps (54XP), Drubs (48XP) and Sand Golems (129XP). If there is no XP bug, you can play there for hours and always only these three stats (or whatever the equivalent values ​​for your current XP penalty are) in this location for non-elite mobs I’m intentionally only using non-elite mob kills here to keep things simple, but the error occurs even with elite mobs. But then you might start noticing some strange entries.”

They report getting, for example, 42 XP and other “apparently random numbers” that they believe “shouldn’t happen.”

“When things go really bad you can see a whole bunch of kills with every single one bugged.”

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Ultimately, it remains unclear why there are deviations, here one hopes for help or an explanation from Blizzard.

“Help make Blizzard aware of this issue,” they write. “It’s possible that the bug is so random that only the developers have enough information to figure out why it’s occurring. Anyway, the issue needs to be addressed/fixed.”