Doctor almost blinds him – Youtuber criticizes treatment

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Youtuber Erné seems to have escaped blindness, as he reports. He is said to be to blame for a doctor’s treatment errors in everything.

Düsseldorf – A few days ago, Erné Embeli became a topic of conversation in the German streaming scene due to an accident. The YouTuber and e-sportsman, who plays FIFA for BVB, was about to go blind on one side due to an eye injury – just because he wanted to imitate an iconic goal celebration. For the first time since the injury, Erné has now reported to YouTube and told the full story of his accident, but he also settled accounts with the doctors treating him.

Erné: Found wallet was the trigger for fatal jubilation – YouTubers are doing better

What happened? A few days ago, Erné shocked his fan base with some Instagram stories in which he showed a badly inflamed wound in his left eye. He contracted it when he was out with friends in Düsseldorf and one of them lost his wallet. The group had finally found it at a club, which is why Erné wanted to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo’s classic goal celebration. On wet rock, however, it is extremely difficult to celebrate and the FIFA YouTuber sailed towards the ground after a slip. The result: a big laceration above the left eye.

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His Instagram profile recently said that Erné could possibly go blind in his left eye if the inflammation of the wound got worse. The YouTuber had to go back to the hospital and receive further treatment. In the meantime, however, a few days have passed and Erné shared on YouTube for the first time after his accident to tell his fans the full story and to give an update on his health.

This is how Erne is doing now: In his first video since the accident, Erné looks pretty fit again. There is hardly any swelling at the wound, and the eye itself has probably not suffered any damage. Only a large patch over the scar still bears witness to the injury that the YouTuber sustained.

During his second hospital stay, it turned out that the wound from his accident had become infected. So the spot had to be cut open again and thoroughly cleaned, which must have been a brutally painful affair for Erné. So he is definitely on the mend, but in general he seems to have had far from good experiences with his doctors.

Disappointment about treatment in the hospital – Erné is harsh with doctors

This is what Erné has to say about his doctors: Apparently something went wrong with Erné during the treatment. The YouTuber didn’t have much good to say about the doctors on his first visit to the hospital in his video, he was very disappointed with how they treated him there. In Erné’s portrayal, the people in the hospital “didn’t feel like their job at all”, which later cost him dearly.

You have to say that they didn’t even give me painkillers or anything else – or warned me “if the eye gets sick, come back in two days”. They were just so happy that I left and was done

The whole situation was very disappointing for Erné, as he says in the video. In such moments, doctors should ultimately provide security and enlighten, he goes on to explain. The damage from the first treatment only got worse. As it turned out, it was the first treatment that caused the inflammation in Erné’s eye to get so bad. When cleaning the wound, the employees must have overlooked dirt, which would ultimately have led to the infection.

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YouTuber Erné calculates after Ronaldo accident: Doctors “were happy when I ran away” © YouTube(FeelFIFA) (Montage)

After all, there was a happy ending for the FIFA 22 professional who had an accident at the last inspection visit. In the meantime he has been able to stop taking the antibiotic against the inflammation, the band-aid will also disappear in a few days and he wants to start streaming and new videos again soon. Despite all the disappointments and unpleasant visits to the hospital, everything ends happily for Erné