Furiosa: Filming of the Mad Max prequel paused

Furiosa: Filming of the Mad Max prequel paused

A proud seven years rolled Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron together in Mad Max: Fury Road across the screen, raced through the desert sand and attracted countless visitors to the cinema with their action-packed and noisy road trip. If you wish to do another trip like this, you are not alone, you are in the best of company.

The one in charge at the time Director George Miller works passionately on continuing the Mad Max universe and is therefore working on three projects at the same time. While the two sequels have been on hold for a long time despite the resolved court dispute with Warner Bros., the one that is actually already in production has now Prequel Furiosa suffered a setback.

The Fast and the Furiosa: Corona infection slows down filming of Mad Max prequel

The shooting, which only started at the beginning of June, was paused after only two months: the film crew became one mandatory break thundered, cameras and clapperboard are currently in the dust. The reason for the break is simple, but it could be devastating consequences have for the movie.

As the Daily Mail Online reported exclusively, the director George Miller has namely with the corona virus infected and is now having to isolate himself at his home in Sydney until he is fit to work and has tested negative. A break of one week was initially planned, which should last until tomorrow. Whether it can go on then, of course, depends on Millers health status away.

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