Games News 09/2022: Skull & Bones Preview, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Test and more!

Games News 09/2022: Skull & Bones Preview, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Test and more!

Five more months until Christmas! Maybe this information will at least mentally cool you down a bit. In view of the temperatures above 30 degrees in many places, this is probably just a drop on a very, very hot stone. However, as much as one would like to complain about the bad weather, at least in the gaming industry it doesn’t feel as much like a summer slump as usual. The pieces of evidence follow!

Vacation in the pixel world

Ahead of schedule, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. In a move that rarely happens in the video game world, Nintendo just pushed the release forward, and that’s why we bring you the big test of the Japanese RPG in this edition. And it’s guaranteed to cost less than a trip to the nearest coast. The Power Wash Simulator is also refreshing, in which you can use your water spray to clean all kinds of dirty surfaces – and that’s amazingly fun! The best way to bridge the summer break of Formula 1 is with F1 22, the game for the pinnacle of racing. It gets emotional in Endling, more or less instructive in Two Point Campus and of course one of the biggest hits of the year should not be missing in the test round: Stray, the cyberpunk adventure in which you play a fluffy cat.

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Fall is coming, don’t worry

With A Plague Tale: Requiem, Steelrising, Soulstice, Skull and Bones and FIFA 23, we take a look at some of the most important games to come in the future,

Games News 09/2022: Skull & Bones Cover Story, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Stray, and F1 22 Reviews and more!”/>

Games News 09/2022: Skull & Bones Cover Story, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Reviews, Stray & F1 22 Reviews & More!

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come to mixed judgments. While Ubisoft’s pirate adventure struggles with shoals in terms of gameplay, Soulstice enchants with action that hardly anyone on the video game market offers alongside Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. This issue of Games Aktuell is rounded off with our big check of the new PS Plus tariffs and offers. Is it worth it? And if so, for whom? In retrospect, we take a close look at a real classic, Max Payne, and the now mothballed series Medal of Honor. We hope you enjoy reading the September issue, hopefully in the shade – or at least with a cool drink in the Hand.

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