Gommemode could become a word for young people in 2022 – the term makes Twitter go crazy

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The election for the youth word 2022 is currently in full swing. The “Gommemode” is also included. We explain what the term is all about.

Hamburg – If you want to vote for the youth word of the year 2022, you will come across the bizarre term “Gommemode”. Langenscheidt-Verlag defines the word as “infinitely strong, invincible” and yet many people on the Internet are wondering what’s behind the Gommemode. The meme word has its origins in the German Minecraft YouTuber GommeHD and for the fans one thing is clear: Gommemode must become the youth word of the year 2022 at all costs. These are the reactions to what is probably the craziest entry this year.

Full name Michael Renk
Known as GommeHD
canal foundation July 19, 2012
Residence Hamburg
Subscribers on YouTube 1,430,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitter 439,302 (as of August 2022)

Gommemode as a youth word 2022: That’s behind the bizarre term

What happened? On August 9th, the Langenscheidt publishing house announced the selection for the youth word of the year 2022. EliasN97 shaped the vote for the 2022 youth word and another content creator also secured an entry on the list. While most of the terms are clear on first reading, one word stands out – “Gommemode”. In the community of Minecraft YouTuber Michael “GommeHD” Renk, Gommemode has been known for ages and even got its own anthem in 2015. We have included the video with the song below.

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This means Gommemode: The origin of the term is in Minecraft itself. There you can switch to different game modes with the text command “/gamemode” and an additional letter. Including the creative mode, in which you are invincible, can fly and have access to all sorts of objects. The similarities between “gamemode” and “gommemode” are easy to see, giving an idea of ​​how the term came about. However, Gommemode seems to offer a lot more possibilities than Minecraft’s creative mode.

GommeHD shapes the choice of youth word – Twitter activates the Gomme mode

These are the reactions: The internet is upside down. “Gommemode” is trending on Twitter and a number of users share their opinions on the strange word. While some confused tweets question the meaning of the term, fans of the YouTuber agree that Gommemode needs to be youth word of the year. Here’s some of the Twitter reaction to the 2022 Youth Word of the Year Gommemode.

  • Lost his father who does not vote for Gommemode@ranikOneAndOnly
  • Woe to you Gommemode is not the youth word@Larona66035498
  • I’ve been in Gommemode for years due to my mixed consumption of illegal substances“ @zksesh
  • The daily presenter Gommemode says soon and I’m not prepared for it“ @Faisterino
  • Whoever submitted Gommemode to the youth word 2022, you are doers!!@ToonMysteriCoon

Surprisingly few negative (as is usually the case for Twitter) reactions can be found about the inclusion of the Gommemode in the voting for the youth word 2022. Many are eagerly waiting for Susanne Daubner, the presenter of the Tagesschau, to leave the nominated terms like last year. Excerpts from the Tiktok video last year went viral. How dryly and skilfully Daubner read the bizarre terms is a timeless classic.

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Gommemode as youth word 2022: Twitter community is upside down © YouTube: GommeHD/Langenscheidt (Montage)

Whether Gommemode can assert itself as a youth word in 2022 remains to be seen. Papaplatte couldn’t make it last year with his youth word 2021, but the Twitter reactions to the Gommemode seem to predict great things. With “Maker” from EliasN97 as competition, it could be an exciting race. The top 3 will be announced on September 20th and the youth word of the year 2022 will be determined on October 25th.