Gothic Remake: Trailer shown at THQ Nordic Showcase

Gothic Remake: Trailer shown at THQ Nordic Showcase

At the recent showcase of THQ Nordic numerous titles were discussed and announced. Role-playing fans should be especially happy about the new trailer for the remake of Gothic 1. In this two-minute video we experience a short tracking shot through an old mine, in which two prisoners die. Since 2019 is the remake of the role-playing classic that everyone is talking about. At that time, a demo was published on Steam for all those who already had games from Piranha Bytes owned.

With Alkimia Interactive THQ Nordic founded its own studio for the remake. And according to their own statements, they were very satisfied with the progress of the development, at least in December. However, it is still unclear when the new edition will appear. After all, you don’t have one release date, an approximate timeline for release has yet to be announced. The title should for the personal computerthe PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S come on the market.

Positive feedback

The feedback on the new trailer on youtube turned out very positive. Numerous comments were happy, for example, that the fans’ feedback had been listened to when designing the scenes shown. At the end of 2019, THQ Nordic tried to get fan opinions on the prototype. This could now pay off. In addition, the trailer is still represented in the YouTube trends at the time of this news. So in terms of marketing, THQ Nordic might seem to be doing a thing or two right.

Gothic Remake: Trailer released for the new edition

Other highlights of the showcase

In addition to the Gothic Remake, numerous other games were presented at the THQ Nordic showcase. In addition to well-known titles such as Jagged Alliance 3, AEW: Fight Forever or Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake there were also four new announcements to report. These include the return of Alone in the dark. There is already a detailed article on our website about the entire presentation.

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