GTA 6: New leak to DLC – Rockstar Games wants to bring more cities

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Apparently, GTA 6 could accompany fans for a long time. Similar to GTA 5, Rockstar Games is already planning new DLC beyond the release.

New York – Already in GTA 5 fans wished again and again that the game would be expanded by additional cities as DLC. Unfortunately, apart from a few heists, it never happened, but in GTA 6 these dreams could finally come true. Rockstar Games has not yet officially announced its next giant project, but plans for future single-player DLCs are said to be in place. An insider has revealed that all new cities and missions are coming to GTA 6 after launch.

GTA 6: New Cities and Missions – Insider expects big DLC ​​content after release

Where does the information come from? Anyone who deals with the latest news and leaks about GTA 6 and other games from Rockstar Games will inevitably stumble across the name Tez2. The insider has repeatedly shared information about the games company’s projects in recent years and has earned a certain reputation as a rock star guru. Tez2 is particularly active in the GTA forums, where it provides the community with fresh insider knowledge. Most recently, Tez2 caused a stir when he or she reported that a planned remaster of GTA 4 was on hold because of the GTA Trilogy.

In a megathread about speculation about GTA 6 that has been running since July, the question recently arose as to how Rockstar Games would deal with the game after release. In the forum it was said that the studio would continue to oversee its next project and expand it over time. Tez2 has now chimed in on the subject and revealed what the plans for eventual GTA 6 DLC content look like.

GTA 6: New Cities and Single Player DLC – Insider reveals Rockstar’s plans after release

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This is what Tez2 has to say about DLC in GTA 6: According to Tez2, Rockstar Games intends to release larger single-player DLC for GTA 6 again, as was the case with GTA 4. That would mean that completely new stories, possibly even with new main characters, would be submitted at a later date. Tez2 also suggests that planned DLC content would even add new cities to GTA 6.

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In order for the development of the new additional content to run as seamlessly as possible, Tez2 says that Rockstar would probably tackle it before the release of GTA 6. In this way, the studio should be able to avoid that a future project would have to take an eternity to release.

The first wave of ‘new towns and missions’ that we will receive as DLC will definitely be well planned before [GTA VI] appears. And Rockstar will then be able to allocate new resources to the title they will be working on after the release of VI.


The new cities will then be built as separate game sections, detached from the main world of GTA 6 – similar to how Cayo Perico worked in GTA Online or North Yankton in GTA 5. Tez2 cannot say exactly which regions it would be, but says that fans “with a bit of luck you could get a completely upgraded new city.”

GTA 6: Large single player DLC were probably already planned for GTA 5

Rockstar probably had such plans before: It shouldn’t be the first time Rockstar Games has had such ambitious plans for DLC in a GTA. Tez2 stated in the forum that major expansions were also planned for GTA 5. It has often been speculated among fans that Liberty City should appear as another large city in the fifth part. Such a project was already in the early stages of development at Rockstar, but would have been scrapped after the enormous success of GTA Online, according to Tez2.

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The release of GTA 6 is still in the stars. Several insiders have already said that fans can expect the game in 2024 at the earliest. If that’s the case, the first plans for DLC at Rockstar shouldn’t crystallize until the end of 2023 at the earliest. However, it could be that an official announcement and a trailer for GTA 6 will come later this year. Tez2 recently supported this assumption.

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