GTA 6: new ways and inclusive? Insider thinks rumors about woke game are “absurd”

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According to an insider, there should be a lot to do with “GTA 6”. In his eyes, however, the rumors about a “wokes” game are absurd.

New York – All eyes have been on GTA 6 for months. The community obsessively follows every game-related news, not wanting to miss every last detail of Rockstar Games’ mammoth project. Recently, however, this has caused some controversy, especially when it was said that the next Grand Theft Auto would go in a more politically correct direction. Now a former Rockstar employee has spoken up and cleared up the current rumours.

GTA 6: Will the next part woke the fans? New reports hint at more progressiveness

This is how things stand around GTA 6: Ever since Rockstar Games announced in early 2022 that production on GTA 6 was in full swing, the publisher and developer has been under the public microscope almost constantly. In recent months there have been repeated rumors and leaks about the mammoth project, most recently a report by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier has sparked plenty of discussion and speculation. With GTA 6, Rockstar Games wants to break new ground.

Political correctness should be more of a focus in GTA 6, says Schreier. According to him, Rockstar Games no longer wants to make jokes about minorities, which has always been a typical part of GTA’s deep black humor until recently. But the fans don’t like it much. Between the abandonment of such jokes, the first female main character in GTA 6 and the new company philosophy of Rockstar Games, many now think that the studio wants to make itself popular again and would “woke”. For a former employee, that seems like nonsense.

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GTA 6: Ex-Rockstar employee clears up rumors about political correctness

This is what the ex-employee thinks of the allegations: Aaron Stewart-Ahn is a writer, director, and has had a few rock star breaks. In a recent tweet, he writes that he worked at Rockstar Games for a few months and gives first-hand new information about GTA 6 that takes the wind out of the sails of the fans’ assumptions and allegations.

Stewart-Ahn, who was already involved as a voice actor in the development of the “GTA 4” DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony, thinks a more inclusive GTA 6 is nonsense. What’s more, his tweet stated that he found the reports completely “absurd and cynical.”

Maybe Rockstar Games hasn’t completely given up its black humorous approaches after all and fans should expect a GTA 6 that continues to make fun of everything and everyone like you’re used to from the series. At best, the New York-based studio will have found a way to reconcile its new more progressive approaches with the old parody club.

Will GTA 6 be politically correct? Rumors according to employees “absurd and cynical”

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This series probably does it better: Nevertheless, Aaron Stewart-Ahn breaks the lance for another series, which is supposed to be better than GTA in many ways. His tweet originally came in response to another Twitter post, which was full of praise for Sega’s Yakuza series. Stewart-Ahn also agrees with this praise and says “The Yakuza series is better [als GTA]far funnier and more humane, and has at least attempted to be explicitly pro-sex work and LGBTQ.Sounds like a good way to bridge the gap for GTA 6, after all, Yakuza now has more than eight games in its main series.

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