In this crazy game you are an armed squirrel

In this crazy game you are an armed squirrel

squirrel are terribly underrepresented in video games: apart from the rude titular character Conker from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, they are relegated to collectibles as in Trials Rising or have to hunt the same nut forever as in the numerous Ice Age video game adaptations.

The solo developer Daniel DeEntremont wants to change that now and presses in his upcoming game Squirrel with a Gun put a gun in the hand of one of the bushy tree dwellers. It can finally stand up to years of injustice from underrepresented squirrels – and do other really wacky things.

Without an umbrella, but with charm and a pistol: The indie game Squirrel with a Gun

Not only to convince you of his cuteness at gunpoint, the squirrel from Squirrel with a Gun already has one Steam page. There you can in the Unreal Engine 5 developed titles on yours wish list pack to not only support its developer, but also to be notified when the game eventually comes out.

At the moment the question about that release date on Steam with an amused one “Good question!” answered. So while we’re still in the dark on that front, the game’s Steam page at least enlightens us on what to expect in Squirrel with a Gun – aside from the obviously armed squirrel. Besides a few screenshots you will also find some funny gifs there.

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As a dangerous ball of fur, you roam the neighborhood in search of delicious nuts, but you soon get hit by a bunch enemy agent confronted. Of course you can keep them at bay with your pistol and even disarm them yourself with good timing. If the agents leave you alone for a moment, you can help local residents and get rewards for it – or they rob.