MontanaBlack: Separation from BigMac – streamer bans his mod

MontanaBlack: Separation from BigMac – streamer bans his mod

An era comes to an end. Streamer MontanaBlack has now separated from its longtime moderator BigMac because of a dispute.

Buxtehude – BigMac is MontanaBlack’s most popular mod and is almost as integral to the stream as the Twitch star himself. For several years now, he has been keeping the chat orderly and regularly bans users who do not follow the streamer’s rules . He became a kind of legend among the followers himself. But during a discussion about drugs in the stream, the well-known mod shot himself with a statement.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude
Subscribers on YouTube 2,900,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitch 4,600,000 (as of August 2022)

MontanaBlack bans BigMac – discussion about drugs escalates

That happened: In an emotional live stream, MontanaBlack spoke about friends’ addiction problems, some of which even led to death. In this, the streamer clearly distanced himself from drugs and wanted to pass this message on to his followers. Because MontanaBlack also sought refuge in drug use in his hardest times and therefore knows what effects the substances can have. MontanaBlack also took a clear position on the Danny scandal.

The people I know who have taken their own lives have always done so while under the influence of drugs.


However, BigMac saw this extremely emotional topic a little differently and shared his opinion directly with the chat. “Psychedelics save your life. Don’t listen to him”. The mod’s statement was an absolute no-go for MontanaBlack and the tables were promptly turned. Because the actual ban master has now become the banned one. MontanaBlack decided to give his popular mod a forced break.

MontanaBlack bans Big Mac – well-known mod gives the Twitch star a cold shoulder

© MontanaBlack/unsplash/Twitch (Montage)

How BigMac reacts: After the discussion on the live stream, the mod unfollowed the Twitch star on Twitter. This caused incomprehension in MontanaBlack. The streamer tried to settle the fronts with BigMac, but he just gave him the cold shoulder. As MontanaBlack himself says, his mod has not yet responded to any of his messages. For him, BigMac’s reactions indicate that the two will probably go their separate ways from now on.

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BicMac then posted a picture of Galileo on its Twitter profile yesterday, giving the first sign of life since the ban.

What exactly he wants to say with the picture is unclear. But on his profile it is clear that BigMac seems to deal a lot with the topic of drugs and also has a very strong opinion there.

MontanaBlack and BigMac – Mod has been with him since the beginning

This is BigMac: BigMac has been with MontanaBlack as a mod for over eight years now, so it’s been with us since the beginning of its streaming days. Although the two have never seen each other, MontanaBlack has also taken his mod to heart privately. Despite MontanaBlack’s notoriety, it has always been important to BigMac to remain anonymous on the internet.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a discussion between MontanaBlack and BigMac. However, the two no longer follow each other on Twitter. So his followers will probably have to do without the famous sentence “BigMac, ban the way!” for the time being.

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Rubric list image: © MontanaBlack/unsplash/Twitch (montage)