MontanaBlack throws out Memo and BigMac – Streamer reacts to fan criticism

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MontanaBlack has split from his friend Memo and his host BigMac. After criticism from the fans, the Twitch streamer made a statement.

Buxtehude – On Twitch, MontanaBlack gave a little speech about true friendship. The streamer takes the arguments with its moderator “BigMac” and the subsequent reactions as an opportunity. Many fans on TikTok and YouTube claim that MontanaBlack is losing more and more friends, so the 34-year-old feels compelled to give a speech. These are MontanaBlack’s last words to BigMac and Memo – friends who have accompanied him in his Twitch career.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude
Subscribers on YouTube 2,900,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitch 4,600,000 (as of August 2022)

MontanaBlack: True friendship – Twitch streamer speaks plain language with his fans

What happened? MontanaBlack has banned its moderator BigMac and can only shake its head at some reactions on social networks. For him it is absolutely disrespectful that fans on TikTok and YouTube claim that MontanaBlack would lose all his friends. The twitch streamer from Buxtehude actually doesn’t think much of such speeches, but the circumstances of the situation let him act.

“It upsets me in a certain way that 16-year-olds want to tell me something about life or about friendships.”

MontanaBlack on Twitch

MontanaBlack says: The now 34-year-old speaks of friendships that have sometimes lasted twice as long as some of his fans are old. MontanaBlack’s deep friendship with Davide is an example the Twitch streamer cites to show viewers how true friends treat each other. For him, some friendships are more important than others. While Monte thinks it’s a shame that many friendships end with money, he doesn’t cry over people who show him a lack of respect and honesty.

MontanaBlack: “Friends Come, Friends Go” – Final Words on BigMac and Memo

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Friends come, friends go‘ explains MontanaBlack on his Twitch stream. MontanaBlack finds the claims that all his friends are distancing themselves from him sad. Of course there are people he had to part with in the course of his career. But he still has friends that the fans hardly notice. MontanaBlack doesn’t share all of his friendships on the Internet, so he dismisses the statements as claims of ignorant people.

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MontanaBlack: Final words to BigMac and Memo – No reconciliation in sight

Final words to BigMac: After another chat with his most prominent Twitch host, MontanaBlack can say one thing: he stands by his decision to ban BigMac. He still likes him, but sometimes the streamer has to “be boss“. Statements like BigMac’s can cause lasting damage to his Twitch career and audience, and it’s not the first time his moderator has written highly problematic things in Twitch chat. So a reconciliation is not in sight. You can see MontanaBlack’s full statement in the attached video.

Last words to Memo: During his speech, MontanaBlack also spills words about his longtime friend, Memo. MontanaBlack and Memo have fallen out after a major streaming project fell through. There are many conjectures from the community as to what exactly happened between the two, however MontanaBlack denies all claims. “What happened privately stays private“Says the 34-year-old in his stream. MontanaBlack continues to wish Memo and his family all the best but says he won’t cry over this friendship.

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