[PLUS] Saving power: Extreme example RTX 3090 Ti – impressive results of a “Green Edition”

[PLUS] Saving power: Extreme example RTX 3090 Ti - impressive results of a "Green Edition"

Saving power: Extreme example RTX 3090 Ti

The new GPU generation is casting its shadow. There are large shadows – those of the likely necessary cooler. Insiders still mention the power factor 2 compared to current top solutions, but in combination with consumption values ​​of up to 600 watts. The Geforce RTX 3090 Ti, released in March, gives a foretaste of the challenges involved. PCGH editor Raffael Vötter has been using such a beast since its launch and describes his experiences and measures against thirst from the first-person perspective below.

As a connoisseur of pixel arts, I am literally hanging on the needle of AMD and Nvidia. If I play, then as pretty as possible, that can be the only expensive hobby. Don’t get me wrong: The Geforce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition was and is hopelessly overpriced. But it’s the best for showing Ultra HD and ray tracing in the best possible way, so it’s the right product for me. At the latest with the 450 watts occurring here, we should start to see only one starting point. The goal is greater efficiency – and this is widely scalable.

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The following topics can be found in the article:

  • Starting point: 450 watts
  • fight against physics
  • Slight voltage drop
  • Four profiles for a hallelujah
  • Gaming benchmarks: fps and watts
  • All measurement data: clock, voltage, fan speed, hotspots, consumption, fps per watt
  • Impressive results

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