Pokémon GO: New weekly box gives 1 item, this time no module – that’s in it

Warum ihr in Pokémon GO warten solltet, bevor ihr eure kostenlose Box öffnet

The new weekly box from August 15 in Pokémon GO is known. You can get this item for 1 coin in the event box during the week of August 15th to August 22nd.

What is this box? A new box arrives in the Pokémon GO Store every week for the price of 1 PokéCoin. Until a few weeks ago, you could still find long-distance raid passes in it, but now the content changes again and again.

The dataminers of the Pokéminers have been reliably predicting what content will appear in the boxes for the past few weeks. Thanks to this dataminer, it is now known which item awaits you in the new weekly box from August 15th.

1 Coin Box Coming August 15 – Content

What’s in it? In the box for one coin you get

In recent weeks, the 1-coin box has always been quite modest when it comes to the number of items. It seems that Niantic is still trying out which items the players want in these packages. In the last few weeks, these boxes have revolved around modules of all kinds. In the last box there was a rain lure module. The new contents of the weekly box shared PokeMiners Twitter account.

When will the box be available? Around 06:00 on August 15, the box should unlock for you. If you can’t see them, it’s a good idea to restart the game once. After that, the package should be visible to you.

You can find the box next to the other packages in the shop.

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How long is the box active? You can find the box in the shop for a week and have enough time to clean up your inventory and make room for the items.

A week later, on August 22nd, there will be a new box that will bring you different content. It is not yet possible to estimate which ones are in it.

How do you like the contents of the 1 coin event box this time? Write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and tell us whether the lucky egg is worth the 1 coin again, or whether you save the box this week.