Pokémon Go: The ultimate checklist for every day

Buddies love you - if you give them affection.

If you want to be a diligent Pokémon collector and want to bring your account to the maximum level of 50, you should check into the game regularly. Not only to see what events are coming up, but also to collect some daily tasks and related rewards. You can find out what tasks these are and what you get for them in our ultimate Pokémon Go checklist for every day. Go coach, you want to be the very best, don’t you?

Catch and Spin

There are rewards for the first catch of the day and the first photo disc spin of the day in Pokémon. That’s not all: if you do this for seven consecutive days, you’ll get an extra bonus. The system is similar to the daily login rewards of other online games. But you have to keep in mind: If you don’t catch a Pokémon for a day or don’t turn a photo disc, the streak of the consecutive tasks will be reset. Also interesting: hatching a Pokémon does not count as the first catch of the day. A new day begins in Pokémon Go, how could it be otherwise, always at midnight local time.

  • From Day 1 to Day 6 of the First Catch of the Day, you will receive 500 XP and 600 Stardust respectively. On the 7th day of the First Catch of the Day, you will receive 2,500 XP and 3,000 Stardust. After that you start again from day 1.
  • From day 1 to day 6 of the first photo disc spin of the day, you will receive 500 XP and at least 6 items. On the 7th day of the first Photo Disc spin of the day, you will receive 2,500 XP and between 28 and 35 items, as well as a development item (such as a Sinnoh Stone). Pokémon Go players report that if you spin the Photo Disc of a Gym that is occupied by your team and if you have a Silver or Gold medal from the Gym, the streak reward on Day 7 can be higher .
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field research

Doing a field research every day, like the first catch and the first spin, is actually a nobrainer. That’s because the first field research you complete each day earns you a research breakthrough stamp. If you have gotten a stamp on seven different days, then the reward box for the research breakthrough can be opened. It should be said that the research breakthrough regarding the Pokémon encounter has lost some of its attractiveness. However, there is not only an encounter with a pocket monster, but also items, stardust or XP. The item rewards are random, the Pokémon encounter is always set for a month.

You will automatically receive a field research in-game every day at midnight. You’ll also get Field Research when you spin a PokéStop. By the way, if you don’t like a field research, for example an AR mapping, you can remove it from your field research overview by clicking on the small trash can icon.


It makes sense to put a Pokémon in a Gym once a day if you want to get the maximum 50 free PokéCoins per day. Of course, you should have a look at whether your pocket monster is still crouching in the arena or not to check out whether you have reached the daily maximum. The problem with that, of course, is that you only get the Pokécoins when your mon has been kicked out of the arena. By the way, in the Today tab you can always see how many Pokécoins you have already earned on the day.

Daily Free Box

Once a day, the people at Niantic will give you a daily free box in the shop. In most cases, it contains a few Poké Balls and potions. Sometimes you can also find higher-quality Pokéballs, revives and more in them. If you assume that you can do without Micker gifts, you should still open the box. Because the content will always remain the same as long as you don’t open the daily box.

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Buddies love you – if you give them affection.

Source: Niantic


With a higher rank, your buddies will benefit from bonuses such as more CP in battle, they will help you catch Pokémon, they can even bring you gifts! So keeping your buddy happy makes a lot of sense. As a side note, you can change your buddy up to 20 times a day… in case you want to rank multiple pocket monsters at once! Even if you’re not such a power trainer, it’s relatively once a day to give at least one buddy a few favors, like feeding them, playing with them, and snapping them. And who knows, maybe you can spot a colored eagle in a snapshot! Below you can see how many hearts you have to fill for the different buddy levels:

  • good buddy – 1 heart
  • Great buddy – 70 hearts (your buddy will help you catch Pokémon and bring you gifts)
  • Ultra Dude – 150 hearts (your buddy will find PokéStops that grant you extra items and bring you souvenirs)
  • Best friend – 300 hearts (your buddy gets a CP boost in battle)

mega evolution

If you have already evolved a Mega Pokémon and then no longer need Mega Energy for this evolution, it’s worth triggering a Mega Evolution once a day. Because the cooldown for Mega Evolution is reduced the more frequently it activates on a Pokémon.

special exchange

Once per day you are able to perform a special exchange. This “task” is now less of a must-have, but is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to trade multiple mon with friends or family members that require a special trade. In general, you can carry out up to 100 normal trades per day.

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raid pass

Once per day, spinning an arena’s Photo Disc will give you a free Raid Pass. So there’s no harm in using this raid pass. All Tier 1 Raids and many Tier 3 Raids can be done by even non-high level soloists, and you always have a chance of finding a Shiny, a Hundo or even a Shundo lands in front of your shotgun!