Pokémon GO: Unova Stone Developments – Which of the 7 monsters are worth it?

Pokémon GO: Unova Stone Developments - Which of the 7 monsters are worth it?

Some monsters in Pokémon GO can only be developed with a so-called Unova Stone. We at MeinMMO show you which monsters require the development item for, whether the development is worthwhile and where you can even get the item.

What are these developments? While most monsters in Pokémon GO can be evolved using a certain amount of Candy, there are some exceptions. This is how Eevee can be developed with the help of various tricks.

However, some Pokémon also require a so-called development item. There are currently 7 of these types in the game: Unova Stone, Sinnoh Stone, Sun Stone, King Stone, Metal Mantle, Dragon Hide, and Up-Grade.

However, you cannot use these items arbitrarily to evolve Pokémon, because the game dictates exactly which item must be used in each case. We have summarized below which monsters you can develop with the help of an Unova Stone and whether the development is worthwhile.

7 monsters that you can evolve with a Unova Stone

How did the ranking come about? In the following sequence of developments, we have based ourselves on the numbers in the Pokédex. We have summarized for you below whether the respective development is worthwhile.

  1. Vegimak to Vegichita
  2. Grillmak to Grillchita
  3. Sodamak to Sodachita
  4. Somniam to Somnivora
  5. Picochilla to Chillabell
  6. Zapplalek to Zapplarang
  7. Laternecto to Skelabra

What is the Unova Stone? The Unova Stone is a special development item for selected 5th generation Pokémon, i.e. from the Unova region. You can recognize the item by its white and black exterior.

Unova Stone

How do you get the Unova Stone? Just like the other development items, the Unova Stone in Pokémon GO is not that easy to get. You can secure it especially with a research breakthrough. In rare cases, it can also be found in the rewards of special research during certain events.

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What is this Pokemon? Vegichita is the evolution of the Grass-type Pokémon Vegimak. It comes from the 5th game generation and is one of the regional monsters in the game. So you can only find Vegimak outside of special events in Asia and the Pacific region.

Is the development worth it? The little green monkey and its pre-development is not particularly strong, which is why it does not play a role in the GO battle league or in raids. A development makes sense mainly because of the registration in the Pokédex. In order to be able to develop Vegimak, you need 50 candies and a Unova Stone.

BBQ chita

BBQ chita

What is this Pokemon? Grillmak’s evolution is the Fire Pokémon Grillchita. Just like Vegichita, it is from the 5th generation of games and is a regional Pokémon. Grillmak primarily spawns in Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East, so you’ll encounter him from time to time in-game.

Is the development worth it? Grillmak and Grillchita also have rather weak values, which is why they are rarely used in raids and PvP battles. Similar to Vegichita, a development is worthwhile here, especially for completion in the Pokédex. You also have to spend 50 candies and a Unova Stone for this.



What is this Pokemon? The third regional monkey-type Pokémon in this bunch is Sodachita. The pre-evolution of the Water Pokémon, Sodamak, is usually only found in America and Greenland.

Is the development worth it? Sodachita is also less able to assert itself due to its weaker values ​​in the GO battle league and in raids. For this reason, it is also primarily suitable for the Pokédex. Just like with Vegimak and Grillmak, you also need 50 candies and an Unova Stone to develop Sodamak.

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What is this Pokemon? Somnivora is the evolution of Somniam. The 5th Generation Psychic-type Pokémon can be found in the wild around the world, spawning mainly in windy weather.

Is the development worth it? In contrast to Vegichita, Grillchita and Sodachita, Somnivora scores with good stamina. Still, its attack and defense stats aren’t good enough to make it interesting for use in raids or the GO Battle League. So with this example, too, you should use the 50 candies and the Unova Stone primarily for registering in the Pokédex.



What is this Pokemon? The normal Pokémon Chillabell is the further development of Picochilla and also comes from the 5th game generation. You will find the little mouse especially when it is partly cloudy in the wilderness.

Is the development worth it? Both Picochilla and Chillabell are not particularly strong. For this reason, Chillabell is also not one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO and cannot convince in the GO Battle League either, which is why you should develop it primarily for the entry in the Pokédex. Here, too, you have to spend 50 candies and an Unova stone for development.



What is this Pokemon? Zapplarang is the latest development of Zapplardin. The Pokémon from the 5th generation of games belongs to the type Electric. Zappplardin mainly spawns in the wild when it rains, but can also occasionally be obtained from eggs.

Is the development worth it? Zapplarang and its two preliminary developments Zapplalek and Zapplardin are also less interesting for use in raids and the GO battle league. So there are also developments that could be important, especially for the completion of your Pokédex.

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You only need 25 candies to evolve Zapplardin into Zapplalek. For the development of Zapplalek to Zapplarang you have to spend another 100 candies and a Unova Stone.



What is this Pokemon? The Ghost and Fire Pokémon Skelabra is the final evolution of Lightel. You can find this from time to time in the wilderness, but also in research tasks and occasionally in the reward of the GO Battle League.

Is the development worth it? In contrast to the other developments with Unova Stone, Skelabra really scores with its high attack value and solid endurance and defense values. With a Fire Whirl and Heat Fever moveset, it’s one of the best Fire Attackers in Pokémon GO.

And it can also be seen in the raids as a strong spirit attacker. In the GO Battle League, on the other hand, there are better candidates. With the help of 25 candies you can evolve Lichtel into Laternecto and with another 100 candies and a Unova Stone Laternecto into Skelabra.

Conclusion on the developments with Unova Stone

With the exception of Skelabra, the other developments with Unova Stone are not particularly strong and are rarely used in raids and PvP battles. For this reason, you should primarily use your Unova Stones to develop Skelabra.

The Pokémon is at the forefront as both a top fire-type attacker and a ghost-type attacker, which is why it’s worth having one or two more strong specimens on your team. If you have any Unova Stones left over, you can also use them to complete your Pokédex.

By the way: In Pokémon GO there are other strong Pokémon that are worth using items for. We show you the 10 best developments with a Sinnoh stone.