She-Hulk: Two new trailers for the upcoming Marvel series

She-Hulk: Two new trailers for the upcoming Marvel series

Since the furious finale of Ms. Marvel exactly one month ago DisneyPlus The prevailing Marvel break will finally come to an end next Thursday, August 19th: That’s when the new series She-Hulk, in the lawyer, starts Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) not only takes the bad guys to court with her strong fists.

Even with a lot of experience as a lawyer, the title heroine Walters is literally green behind her ears due to her transformation into She-Hulk and therefore gets it from her cousin Bruce Banner aka Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) first undergoes special training, but soon surpasses the former Avenger. The green family duo is now presenting itself once again two new trailers.

She-Hulk in a double pack: New trailers show the heroine in action…

The first Trailers is only a slim 30 seconds long and shows some scenes from the upcoming series, in which Jennifer Walters has definitely not yet internalized her role as a superheroine, as she calls it a job for “Narcissists, Billionaires and Adult Orphans”to which the lawyer don’t necessarily want to be included.

But with green skin comes green responsibility, and so she trains with her cousin Bruce to give bad guys their just punishment outside of the courtroom. In doing so, we get a brief look at the Superhero Frog Manthe next daredevil and the rumored Ben Grimm aka The Thing will add to She-Hulk’s heroic role on the show.

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…and dating on Tinder

In the second trailer, the two actors have each other Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo teamed up to give you a rough rundown of the plot of She-Hulk. The series revolves around the titular heroine Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, who must balance her professional life as a lawyer with her sudden transformation into a green superheroine.

In addition to action on the streets and in court, you can look forward to the emotional dilemma of protagonist Jennifer Walters, who, in addition to her two full-time jobs, is also trying to find you Dating Life on Tinder to enjoy. How much success she has in the three difficult tasks, you will then find out from that August 19 on Disney Plus in nine episodes, one of which appears each week.

She-Hulk: Fan criticism for using CGI

Then you can also check how good the CGI effects were actually implemented. With the first trailers for She-Hulk, some fans were still criticizing: They called the use of CGI “silly” and “not up-to-date”. As part of this, an insider also spoke up, who crunch as a main reason for the criticized effects.