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Detroit Become Human, Stray and Spider-Man Miles Morales are all available on PS Plus Extra

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Of: Jonas Dirkes

The selection of PS Plus Extra and Premium is large. However, if you only have a little time, we will show you the games that are worthwhile for you.

Hamburg – PS Plus Extra and Premium are a fine thing. Players get access to hundreds of games for PS4 and PS5 with one subscription. If you are looking for a little bit of gaming, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by this huge selection. We therefore show you the best games in PS Plus Extra and Premium, which can also be played over a weekend.

PS Plus: The best free games at Extra if you only have one day

PS Plus Extra games you can do in one day: If you don’t have a whole weekend, but maybe just one day, you’re looking for a real game snack. The PS Plus game should not be longer than 5-6 hours so that you can finish it in peace and without stress.

PS Plus Extra: You can snack on these 15 subscription games in one weekend © Sony | Annapurna Interactive

abzu – Playing time about 3 hours: The laid-back underwater adventure Abzû is perfect for unwinding, in the truest sense of the word. In Abzû you dive into the cool water without any competitive pressure and explore the deep sea. The relaxed game is reminiscent of titles like the PlayStation favorite for a reason “journey” – former developers of Thatgamecompany worked on Abzû.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Playing time about 3-4 hours: We have already recommended this small but particularly fine game to you in our list of the best co-op games – you actually play the idiosyncratic title completely alone. But you shouldn’t reveal too much about Brothers. You embark on an emotional journey with two brothers, the highlight of the whole thing: you both have to control the eponymous brothers at the same time.

On the left the game Abzû and on the right Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Abzû and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons gambled through very quickly. © 505 Games

Addr1ft – Playing time about 4-5 hours: In the space adventure Adr1ft you slip into Alex Oshima’s space suit. As Alex it means navigating freely through weightless space and a destroyed space station. Adr1ft is a quiet title that focuses on exploring, puzzling and managing your own oxygen levels. Action fanatics could get caught in a black hole here.

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Stray – Playing time about 4-6 hours: Stray is currently the flagship of PS Plus Extra and Premium. The cute cat adventure takes you into a dystopian world full of neon-lit urban canyons and friendly robots. The real highlight of the game, however, is finally being able to be a cat and being able to behave like one. Scratching, purring and sleeping has never been so fun – meow right!

Left The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, center Stray and right Adr1ft
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Stray and Adr1ft takes one long evening to complete. © The Astronauts | Annapurna Interactive | 505 Games

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Playing time about 4-6 hours: If you like it a little more mysterious, you can also deal with the disappearance of Ethan Carter on a free Saturday. Unfairly labeled a walking simulator by many, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter requires you to solve various deaths within the Carter family. To do this, you traverse the open game world of the title and crack a few puzzles. who play like “Gone Home” was able to gain something, he will too Ethan Carter having a good time.

PS Plus: The best free games at Extra for a stress-free gaming weekend

These games on PS Plus Extra are perfect for a relaxing gaming weekend: If you have a whole weekend to spare but don’t want to be stuck in front of the screen all the time, games with a playing time of 6 to 10 hours are best. Fortunately, PS Plus Extra also offers true top titles for this.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Playing time about 6-8 hours: This pearl is not only one of the most stylish and beautiful games of its generation, but also a history lesson that doesn’t grow out of your ears like weeds after two minutes. As Emile, Karl, Freddie and Anna, you go into the First World War in this adventure and, despite the tame 2D look, you find out what the consequences are.

celeste – Playing time about 6-10 hours: Celeste is no longer an insider tip in the gaming community. In the demanding pixel platformer, you have to use precision and skill to get to the top of Celeste Mountain. When climbing, however, you should be prepared for a few deaths. Celeste is perhaps closest to taking the same line as “Super Meat Boy”, only with an additional compelling story. An absolute must-play for gamers who love a humane challenge.

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Left Valiant Hearts: The Great War and right Celeste
Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Celeste are true PS Plus gems © Ubisoft | Matt Makes Games

Tearaway Unfolded Playing time about 6-8 hours: Tearaway was originally released for the PS Vita and was intended to spotlight the special abilities of the handheld console. Sony later thought it would be a shame for the much acclaimed title to only be available for the little-distributed PS Vita and re-released it for the PlayStation as Tearaway Unfolded. For the version, the likeable platformer was even tweaked here and there. Anyone who likes cute jump’n’runs will feel at home at Tearaway.

soma – Playing time about 8-10 hours: At Soma it’s more hearty. Soma is a horror sci-fi game from the creators of Amnesia and accordingly leaves no eye dry. If you want to get really scared in a research station at the bottom of the sea, you can’t avoid Soma. But if you’re looking for a horror actioner, you’ve come to the wrong place – Soma relies more on puzzles than shooting. In return, you get one of the most profound stories in gaming in recent years.

On the left Tearaway Unfolded, in the middle Until Dawn and on the right Soma
Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, and Soma are the perfect gaming bites. ©Sony | Frictional Games

Until Dawn – playing time approx. 9-10 hours: Until Dawn is another horror trip on our list. In the first movie game by developer Supermassive Games, which now keeps games under the title “Dark Pictures Anthology” publish (by the way, there are also some on PS Plus Extra and Premium), you follow a classic inexperienced teenage clique in a log cabin in the woods. But of course everything goes wrong – so you make decisions, react to quick-time events and try to survive until the saving dawn.

PS Plus: The best extra games if you really want to gamble all weekend long

These games at PS Plus Extra are suitable for a very gambling weekend: If you log out everywhere, lock the doors and don’t want to put the DualSense down for two days, you need a really big gaming meal. These titles take over 10 hours to play through, but can still be completed in a weekend.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Playing time about 10-12 hours: Unlike the first Spider-Man, Miles Morales’ adventure is more of a minor side-adventure. Peter Parker is on vacation and you are his vacation replacement over the winter break. Playful serves itself Miles Morales to part 1, but if you are looking for new food, you can create this comic highlight in one weekend.

The Last Guardian Playing time about 10-12 hours: For a long time, The Last Guardian was considered a joke. The game that was forever announced but never released. At some point it did appear and crept into the hearts of many gamers. In the game you embark on a journey with the eponymous guardian, which we do not want to anticipate at this point. For those looking for a true blockbuster with no testosterone or guns, The Last Guardian is their haven.

Left Spider-Man Miles Morales and right The Last Guardian
Spider-Man Miles Morales and The Last Guardian can be done in a weekend. ©Sony

Detroit: Become Human – Playing time about 12-14 hours: David Cage’s still latest game takes you into a frightening vision of the future. Where are there still boundaries between man and machine, have we once invented an AI that easily passes every Turing test? Detroit: Become Human is an interactive Hollywood film that can captivate you well beyond its almost 14 hours of playing time.

Prey (2017) – Playing time about 15 hours: Prey unfortunately flopped at the box office, which is a shame because the Arcane Studios sci-fi title is a truly competent game. The game can best be described as a well-told story shooter. If you embark on the prey trip, you will definitely have something to tell after this weekend.

Returnal on the left, Detroit: Become Human in the middle and Prey on the right
If you want to play Returnal, Detroit: Become Human and Prey in two days, you have to concentrate fully on the games. ©Sony | Quantic Dream | Arcane Studios

return – Playing time about 10-20 hours: How long it takes you to play Returnal is more in your hands than any other title on our list. The Bullet Hell roguelite definitely doesn’t make it easy for you to see the credits, because every time you die you have to start all over again. Experienced players could crack Returnal in one weekend, everyone else enjoys the story and lore of the game and adds a second weekend on top.