Streamer throws fists – loss of control at ALTF4

MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

The game ALTF4 is trending right now. However, it doesn’t seem healthy for Twitch streamer MontanaBlack and his temper.

1/9And it was this moment, he knew… MontanaBlack actually wanted to jump into the tunnel, but the knight thought differently. And so he slid mercilessly into the depths. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
2 / 9And if even the most professional step does not lead to the desired success, then the accumulated frustration has to be released. In this case, the office chair becomes a victim. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
3/9The propeller of death has fatalized MontanaBlack many times. The lifeless body from the previous attempt is still floating in the water. What he doesn’t know at the time, this knight will also throw himself into the water. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
4 / 9While the knight falls into the water with a careless step and a belly flop, MontanaBlack blames his equipment. And not exactly squeamish. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
5/9Orbs of Doom wasn’t an easy task for MontanaBlack either. At first he seemed quite confident, but that should change soon, because like in the music video by Miley Cyrus, the wrecking ball shows no mercy. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
6 / 9While the knight dives back into the depths of the water, this time the office chair has to serve as a trampoline. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
7/9And when MontanaBlack lands off the beaten path for the hundredth time, its viewers had better turn the volume down a bit. Because screaming is also part of the agenda at ALTF4. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
8 / 9But at some point even MontanaBlack comes to the point where he accepts his fate and motionless watches the knight as he slowly sinks through a platform into the water. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack
MontanaBlack streaming to ALTF4
9 / 9But when one of the extremely graceful jumps is linked, then there is a lot of cheering and thanks to the community. But the next obstacle is never long in coming in ALTF4. reboot. © Twitch/MontanaBlack

Buxtehude – MontanaBlack never fails to entertain its fans on Twitch with its very passionate way of gaming. When something doesn’t go as planned, it can get pretty frustrating for the streamer. He also likes to let his emotions out in front of the camera for the benefit of his followers and thus causes some funny freaks. The game AltF4 in particular is now getting on his nerves. And with that, MontanaBlack didn’t look for an easy opponent either, because in this game dying is the order of the day. But this is exactly what ALTF4 provides for seething entertainment among the viewers.

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MontanaBlack despairs of ALTF4 – Game drives him insane

Hence the freaks: MontanaBlack has apparently found his boss in ALTF4, because the game won’t let him rest. Again and again he fails in the game and has to start all over again. Of course, this causes a lot of frustration for the streamer and his fans see that too. Because MontanaBlack calms down right in front of the camera and lets his anger out on his setup.

In order to vent his disappointment, his desk and chair have to hold out again and again. Fans are hilariously amused by the Twitch star’s freaks and make a slew of hilarious clips.

MontanaBlack plays ALTF4
MontanaBlack tries out Alt F4 – causes terrific freaks © Dpa/Phillip Schulze/PUMPKIN (Montage)

This is ALTF4: The game that makes MontanaBlack so angry is ALTF4. This is a jump-and-run title with a difference. In the game you, as a knight, have to hop through a parkour full of traps and obstacles and try to reach the goal.

The highlight of the matter, the knight steers a bit awkwardly and that turns even the simplest jump passages into the most difficult obstacles. And as if that weren’t enough, your progress cannot be saved. So if you die, you have to start all over again.

And there is a reason for the name, because the key combination of Alt and F4 can be used to quickly close the current window on the computer. Especially with a game as frustrating as ALTF4, some players make use of it when they are driven back to despair by the staggering knight.