This Skyrim mod lets you write a thesis

No kidding: It's the year 2022 and Skyrim is coming out again (1)

Skyrim In addition to its open world or its endless re-releases over the last decade, it is also known for its sometimes absurd or funny mods remembered. And currently it doesn’t seem as if this trend will stop in the near future, on the contrary. Finally, for the Bethesda Title A modification was recently published in which you can write a thesis, among other things. You have the opportunity to deal with one of three cultures and to write a thesis about them. The Dwemer, the Nord and the Falmer are available for the thesis. Zamiothe brains behind the project, would like to add more cultures to the future in the future Scholarship Mod Add.

On the way to the thesis

Together with a crowd NPCswho are also tinkering with their work, you go into the world of Skyrim and have to deal with different tasks depending on the culture.

Sometimes it is necessary to devour books on the respective topic. In other situations, however, it is up to you to analyze the culture on site, for example in a suitable dungeon. The better your research, the better your result in the end. In any case, the focus of the project is not on the combat system. With each work, the quality of your results will improve. In addition, for completing the work around a culture, you will receive numerous valuable skills. The mod is currently over Nexus Mods available for download.

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