Twitch Streamer Angry That He Missed Millions Because He Believed In Morality – Is Jealous Of Shroud And Ninja

Twitch Streamer Angry That He Missed Millions Because He Believed In Morality - Is Jealous Of Shroud And Ninja

Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has now explained in a live stream what he regrets about his Twitch career: he should have accepted one of Microsoft’s dubious deals to switch to the Mixer platform. But because he stuck to his moral principles and remained loyal to his fans on Twitch, he missed the opportunity to be bought for a lot of money.

Who is the streamer?

For streamers like Sodapoppin, Prime Gaming has truly been life-changing over the years:

Prime Gaming, the secret behind Twitch’s success

“These asses make millions of dollars and then they just get to come back!”

He regrets it: In a livestream from OTK on Aug. 11, where PCs are now being assembled, Sodapoppin fumes that he didn’t take a mixer deal like Twitch streamers shroud and Ninja did in 2019:

I wish so much I had gone to Mixer too I’m so jealous! Those asses [gemeint sind Ninja und shroud] have signed the contract, collect tens of millions of dollars in US dollars and … then they can simply come back!

They shut down mixers and they get to keep the damn money.

Not wanting to sell, Sodapoppin turned down deal

Here’s what Sodapoppin learned from it: Looking back, Sodapoppin got it all wrong back then, as he says today:

Do you know how it feels when you’re offered a contract and then you’re like, ‘Hmm, nope… morals! What I have is enough for me. Take care” and then you get fucked like that. I just do shit. I have to start doing dubious crap now! It’s just useless. It hurts.

When asked if he now also accepts events like the one in Saudi Arabia, he immediately says: “Yes, I would fly there!” And then he starts to laugh.

Leave Twitch, cash in and come back after a few months

What’s the deal with blenders? As Sodapoppin says, was an absurd situation. Microsoft wanted to attack Twitch with its own service, Mixer. To do this, they bought the superstars from Twitch Ninja and shroud and offered them multi-year contracts. As you can hear, these contracts were extremely well endowed.

There was talk of 20 to 30 million US dollars for two to three years. Because the streamers gave up their extremely high income from Twitch during their time on Mixer, which they had there through Twitch subscriptions and deals.

Microsoft apparently planned to use Ninja and shroud as brand ambassadors for Mixer and the whole of Xbox and Game Pass.

While ninja and shroud are raking in the cash, little mixer streamers are completely wasted

But when the two streamers changed, it became apparent that Mixer was not a success. Ultimately, Microsoft pulled the ripcord and shut down Mixer. Mixer then joined Facebook Gaming, their streaming service.

Facebook reportedly tried to extend shroud and Ninja’s deals so they would stream on Facebook, but they cashed out on their extremely high contracts and went back to Twitch.

We dealt with the end of Mixer on MeinMMO:

So it went perfectly for Ninja and Shroud, because they got a lot of money, but didn’t even have to fulfill their contract in full.

Ninja and shroud have benefited entirely from a miscalculation by Microsoft.

Sodapoppin, on the other hand, like others, didn’t want to let down their loyal fans on Twitch and “didn’t want to sell themselves”. He would not have sold himself, but only rented out for a short time for a lot of money.

To this day it is not known which Twitch streamers Microsoft has also offered such big deals. But apparently Sodapoppin was among the chosen ones. Mixer is said to have also approached DrDisrespect – who is also annoyed today that he did not take the money.

You can read what Sodapoppin means by “Saudi Arabia” here.

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