Warzone World Series qualifiers derailed by cheating allegations Dexerto

Warzone World Series qualifiers derailed by cheating allegations Dexerto

The Warzone World Series $300k event hosted public qualifiers over the weekend of August 12 and closer inspection of the early results has caused some players to hurl accusations of cheating at their competitors.

Activision’s decision to host open-to-the-public qualifiers for the Warzone World Series is coming under intense scrutiny after vigilant players began sifting through the results and believe they’ve spotted more than one case of blatant cheating.

From players supposedly getting their friends to join and feeding them free kills to broadcasting sniper attacks to other teams trying to qualify, there are a host of issues that are breaking the system.

Warzone World Series cheating allegations explained

professional war zone Fifamatar he has one of the most detailed breakdowns of the situation, and as one of the best players to ever touch battle royale, he also comes with a veteran perspective.

“Some of the things I’m seeing from this [World Series of Warzone] The classification is very sad. We have people using VPNs, people sniping at other ranked teams, and worst of all, people getting into their friends’ games and dying for their friend repeatedly,” he explained.

All of this is a problem because kills are incredibly important when it comes to securing the rating. Per the official rules on the tournament’s Gamebattles page, each kill awards the team a point, and then those points are multiplied in value based on placement.

  • 1st = 2x Points
  • 2 – 15 = 1.5x Points
  • 16 – 40 = 1x Points

Each team will have their top 10 games added by this system and the top 40 acting squads will proceed to the next round. So if a friend sees another player 10 kills, it could result in 20 total points for a first place finish.

A group including Jaavix from the notable esports organization MAD Lions, has been at the center of the momentum portion of the drama. After being scream by another player, he did not deny the accusations, but replied: “Everyone wants a place, [this] The format is the worst.

While the tournament rules aren’t very specific about what constitutes cheating, the Conduct and Penalties section mentions “collusion” and “any other action or conduct that threatens to undermine the integrity of WSOW and its squads” will not be tolerated.

It will likely take a while for officials to sort out the tangled web that has built up over the weekends, but if Fifakill and the other players are to be believed, this will be a pretty ugly ending for some of the teams currently leading. the pack.


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