WoW Dragonflight gets a character that has never existed before

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from Sarah Petzold
The WoW developers have unlocked the next area, the Ohn’ahran Plains, in the WoW Dragonflight Alpha. In this zone, players can encounter a character that has never before appeared in the online role-playing game in this form. We explain to you what Sansok Khan, the leader of the Shikaar clan, is all about.

With the start of a new week of testing in WoW: Dragonflight Alpha, players will be able to explore the Ohn’ahran Plains, home of the verdant dragonflight, for the first time. Not only green dragons live here, but also numerous centaurs organized in different clans. One of these clans is the so-called Shikaar clan, which is known for its skilled hunters and is led by Sansok Khan – and she is a very special character.

Centaurs speak of their leader with great reverence

Because when we first get in touch with the Shikaar clan, we learn that Sansok is deaf. This makes her the first character in the World of Warcraft universe (buy now )who lives with such a limitation. Despite this, she enjoys great respect from her subordinates. A clan member introduces the leader to us like this:
Sansok Khan is the most skilled hunter in our clan. Though unable to hear, she has consistently demonstrated her skills as both a hunter and a leader. She is a mentor to all of us, a valued leader, and a fierce defender of the Maruuk. It is an honor that you may speak to her.”

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When we address Sansok Khan, she greets us with gestures in sign language. Another centaur named Okir acts as a translator for the leader and explains her task in a separate dialog:
“My Khan is deaf and communicates primarily through a sign language used by centaurs. I am merely her voice, translating for her. Although most members of our clan can speak to her without my help, there are still some who can My job is to establish communication between her and others. That is the greatest honor. My words are her words. Except for these. Please turn your attention back to her now.”