Youth word 2022: election started – thanks to EliasN97, doers are included in the selection

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This year again, the word for young people will be sought and chosen. This time the selection is more influenced by streamers like EliasN97 than ever before.

Berlin – The vote for the youth word of the year 2022 is live. Every year, Langenscheidt-Verlag presents ten terms that are said to be particularly popular with young people. Twitch streamers also have an enormous impact on the language of their fans, so that the words include several terms that have their origins in Internet stars. The popular streamer EliasN97 coined the expression “doer” and thus made it into the vote for the youth word 2022. We show you all the terms you can vote for.

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 1,000,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,100,000 (as of August 2022)

Youth word 2022: You can vote for these terms – EliasN97 coined “doer”

These are the words: The voting for the youth word 2022 has started. This year, Langenscheidt-Verlag has again included some words that were coined by streamers and are already common practice for many. Here we have the list of the ten nominated youth words 2022 with their meanings according to Langenscheidt.

  • Gommemode – infinitely strong, invincible
  • SIU(UUU) – Shout out when something incredibly good/cool happens
  • smash – to start something with someone
  • wild/wyld – fierce, crass
  • Digga/Diggah – buddy, friend
  • Doer – someone who does things without hesitation
  • bottomless – bad, lousy
  • slay – to look/act confident
  • sus— suspected
  • Bre/Bro/Brother – buddy, friend
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This is the word of EliasN97: Last year Papaplatte’s nomination for the youth word didn’t make it to first place, but maybe EliasN97 2022 will be lucky. In his Twitch streams and on social networks, the 24-year-old used the term “doer” so often that he is said to have shaped the language of an entire generation.

While EliasN97 is not the inventor of the word (as opposed to papaplatte and “papatastic”), it is clear that “maker” came from him. A number of postings on TikTok, Twitter and Co. in which EliasN97 is mentioned are provided with the hashtag #macher. You could almost say the same thing about “bottomless”, but this term is used throughout the German twitch scene.

Youth word 2022: Gommemode activated – Minecraft YouTuber contributes the most curious word

What is Gommemode? Most of the ten youth words for 2022 are actually well known. The choice of the Langenscheidt publishing house is often criticized for containing bizarre words, which even today’s kids have question marks popping up over their heads. This year, the most curious entry in the youth word is the term “Gommemode” and means something like “infinitely strong, invincible”.

Youth word 2022: EliasN97 shapes the selection – you can vote for these terms

© Langenscheidt/Imago (montage)

“Gommemode” has its roots in Minecraft YouTuber GommeHD. The term “gommemode” was created based on the “/gamemode” command, which is used to change the game mode in Minecraft. Since inception, “Gommemode” has become the subject of many memes and inside jokes within and outside of its community. The reactions to Gommemode as a youth word 2022 speak for themselves.

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Where can I vote? It remains to be seen whether the bizarre term “Gommemode” will prevail over the easy-to-understand word “doer”. The voting for the top 10 starts immediately on the Langenscheidt’s website and ends on September 13th. Three words are then shortlisted, so that the youth word of the year 2022 will be chosen on October 25th.

List of rubrics: © Langenscheidt/Imago (montage)