YouTube bans Drachenlord – Rainer Winkler doesn’t want to let the ban sit on him

Opponents of YouTer Drachenlord triggered a large-scale operation in Nuremberg.

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Of: Omer Kayali

Youtube takes action again with the Youtuber Drachlord and blocks his account. But Rainer Winkler probably won’t give up.

Nuremberg – One would think that the story of the “Dragon Lord” has already escalated enough. After the YouTuber repeatedly clashed with his “fans”, he ended up in court. Last March, the Nuremberg-Fürth district court sentenced him to a one-year suspended sentence for multiple bodily harm. All of this led to him leaving his hometown of Emskirchen. Things have been a little quieter for him lately, but recently he made headlines again because the police were investigating the dragon lord based on videos of violence. And YouTube has now taken action and blocked all Drachenlord accounts.

Surname: Rainer Winkler
stage name dragon lord
Date of birth Aug. 2, 1989
Place of birth Neustadt an der Aisch
Subscribers on YouTube 224,000 (as of August 2022)

Dragon Lord banned from YouTube: Reason still unclear

It is unclear why the portal banned the YouTuber. In a statement, Winkler says he knows why, but doesn’t elaborate. His account was deleted because he “a little mistake” have made, who is “but not so serious that anything happens”. He doesn’t think his accounts will be permanently banned. “Seriously, I’m not worried. Even if the YouTube account is gone: I’m still a long way from being defeated. […] I have multiple accounts. I’m not gone I won’t be gone either.”

Drachenlord wants to switch to TikTok or Onlyfans if necessary

“I have multiple accounts. I’m not gone I won’t be gone either.”

If it should come to the point that his YouTube accounts remain permanently blocked, he sees other video portals as alternatives instead. For example, he has over 200,000 followers on TikTok. Other portals such as Onlyfans are also conceivable for him. But Twitch is probably not an option. Although Drachenlord had an account there in the past, it is also banned.

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Who is Dragonlord anyway?

Rainer Winkler, or “Dragon Lord”, is probably the most controversial YouTuber in Germany. © Screenshot Dragonlord YouTube

Drachenlord is probably the most controversial YouTuber in Germany. In his videos, he repeatedly provokes viewers with provocative videos, which creates a hater community. The aim of this was to make the YouTuber’s life difficult so that he loses his temper – they call it the “dragon game”. It even went so far that his “fans” besieged his house, which led to the arguments mentioned at the beginning, for which Winkler finally had to answer in court in Nuremberg.