YouTuber Spends Over €3,000 On Diablo Immortal: “Was It Worth It?”

YouTuber Spends Over €3,000 On Diablo Immortal: "Was It Worth It?"

Is it actually worth spending a lot of money in Diablo Immortal? A YouTuber and frequent gamer explains when you should make a big investment and when you should just grind.

Who is the YouTuber?

  • DM: Diablo Immortal (short for: “Darth Monetization”) is one of the biggest YouTubers for the new ARPG from Blizzard. being channel has 54,700 subscribers and sometimes publishes several videos a day.
  • He is best known for his guides and builds, which is a completely insane PvP build that doesn’t even do any damage. Fans appreciate him for his openness about monetization.
  • DM has in-depth expertise in Diablo Immortal’s gameplay mechanics, including teaching viewers what money can really achieve.

According to its own statements, DM has already spent 3,350 US dollars (equivalent to 3263.99 euros) in Diablo Immortal.

That’s why DM spends so much money: In one of his more recent videos, DM explains that he uses the money to buy legendary gems in the marketplace. With these gems he upgrades the stones he already has and wants to increase his resonance.

From a Resonance of 3,000 you will get a new look as well as 150% usefulness of your attributes. That means: all attributes on your equipment are multiplied by a factor of 2.5. This effect has a direct impact on your combat rating and survivability in PvP. In fact, you become stronger in every way.

DM needs money because he can use it to buy platinum. Platinum can also be earned, but not as quickly as DM would need for the jump.

However, in one of his earlier videos, DM also explains that the videos allow him to pay his rent and make a living. Investing in Diablo Immortal is an investment in his work.

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You can see exactly how legendary gems work here:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

3,260 euros in Diablo Immortal – What does that bring me?

DM says: According to DM, it is possible to grind faster in PvE by investing more money. The best method is currently dungeons and with a higher combat rating you can master them faster and thus further increase your combat rating.

In PvP, Resonance has a weakened effect and primarily increases your defensive stats, but increases your survivability. Since the response can be increased through payment, the big Pay2Win criticism applies here. However, DM says:

So what do I get for my $3,350? I’m about halfway down the power structure. There are tons of people who are better because they spent more money AND grinded. But there are also many people who just grind more than me. But there are also people who have grinded more but who are weaker than me because I paid more.

But this difference only exists in PvP, as he emphasizes. In PvE, the only difference that can be achieved with money is faster dungeon runs. In the leaderboards you can see that many top players don’t have to spend that much.

We have included the entire video for you here:

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Should I pay more? DM quite frankly warns that the higher the value, the more expensive resonance becomes. He says, “If you’re not at 2,500 [Resonanz] and don’t want to spend double what you’ve paid so far, then don’t do it.”

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Paying doesn’t give you access to anything that other people aren’t already doing. With enough grind you can compensate for what others pay for.

Another player with a much more expensive experiment came to a similar conclusion:

Player compares how strong you get for €0 in Diablo Immortal – And how strong for €33,000