Anno 1800: More information about the kingdom of the air, presentation at gamescom

Anno 1800: ​Update 14.2 for download today, it's in the new patch

With Realm of the skies, Ubisoft Mainz is working on the second DLC of the current Season 4 of Anno 1800. Players were able to get a first look at the expansion in a live stream held last week – in addition to gameplay, there was information about the new features. The expansion includes new mines, different airship types, airship battles and platforms with individual modules. “Not to forget the post offices, which are part of the postal system, as well as the drop actions, with which you can drop various goods over your own or other players’ islands: propaganda, water, sea mines, bombs and care packages,” they write developer in one current blog entry.

More information about the kingdom of the air

The new scenario “Battle of the Couriers”which revolves around the post office, was published in the Anno 1800 live stream also presented. In the coming weeks there will be more information about the kingdom of the air – together with the release date. Gamescom visitors should also Ubisoft Community Lounge pay a visit: From August 25th to 27th, presentations and question and answer sessions will take place there. “Watch a presentation on the upcoming Anno 1800 DLC: Realm of the Air and then take part in a question and answer session with Lisa (Junior International Product Manager) and Oliver (Community Developer) from Ubisoft Mainz. We’re looking forward to your questions,” says it to the DevTalk at the game fair.

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