Japan Documentaries 2018 Episode 10/15: Nightlife in Shinjuku – News

Japan Documentaries 2018 Episode 10/15: Nightlife in Shinjuku - News


Crowdfunding for the 2022 Japan documentary is in full swing. To mark the occasion, we are making the 15 episodes of the Japan documentaries 2018 freely available in 1080p. Episode 10 takes you into the nightlife.

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Since 2018, the Japan documentaries 2018 were only available to crowdfunders and buyers. We are now releasing the 1080p versions free for everyone (however, the making of is subject to a fee). If you like them, join the crowdfunding for the Japan documentary 2022 – and get all 2022 episodes for the special price of €10 (only until the start of travel!).

If you want, you can also Buy 2018 documentaries in 4K, including numerous extras. The extra-long Making Of (Episode 16) and a number of extras are then also included.

Shinjuku Station is arguably the busiest train station in the world, with 3.6 million passengers, and probably the most confusing, with miles of underground passageways and over 200 exits. But episode 10 of our Japan documentaries 2018 begins after Jörg has already passed the adventure “How do I find the right exit and my guide/interpreter”, if not with flying colors (see photo report…), at least at all.

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From the afternoon until the early morning you roam with Jörg through Shinjuku, especially its red light and nightlife district Kabukicho, make a detour to Shibuya, get to know the simplest taverns and expensive posh bars. Above all, however, you can immerse yourself in the colorful sea of ​​lights that Shinjuku transforms into at night – and marvel at the crowds of people pushing through the streets and alleys. You will also learn a lot about Japanese food, about several drinks and what the Japanese do while screaming loudly at night.

This extraordinarily long episode could not be made any shorter despite days of cuts orgy, on the contrary it grew a little in length every day. Our sincere apologies for that!

fun fact: If you listen closely, you’ll hear camera noise throughout the first quarter of the sashimi tasting sequence. That was the press officer of the Shoya restaurant chain, who then, after the end of the interview, also took several frontal photos of Jörg-eating-and-looking-enthusiastic-but-also-hungry-gorged. If the chain doesn’t notice that my likeness is possibly detrimental to business, it will probably end up on the English menu in the next menu version (which will be designed centrally for all Shoya branches in Japan).

As the? I don’t really know either: we had made an appointment for the appointment (that’s why I got to speak to the manager and was treated like a VIP), but I didn’t find out about my model honor until the initial greeting at the entrance to the restaurant. Since we were a little late (I got a little lost in Shinjuku Station), I felt guilty and immediately agreed. Now, of course, since I won’t be coming back to Japan any time soon, I’m asking that a local resident or traveler check in the spring to see if “Jörg munches with chopsticks” has really replaced the generic “happy US family” on the English menu .

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