Mega Resident Evil Bundle: Less than 3 euros per game – strike fast

Mega Resident Evil Bundle: Less than 3 euros per game - strike fast

Attention horror fans, the new Humble Bundle is a board. Here fans of cultivated horror can get almost all Resident Evil games for only 30 euros.

Hamburg – The Humble Bundle is probably one of the best charity campaigns that have ever existed in the history of video games. For small amounts, players can often purchase a range of high-quality games, with a portion of the proceeds going to charities. In addition, the deals are often so good that it is difficult to ignore the offer. The current Humble Bundle also has it all: it contains almost every title in the popular horror series “Resident Evil”, which publisher Capcom is currently selling for the PC via Steam. The price for the complete collection is around €30.

Game series name resident Evil
Publishers Capcom
genre Survival Horror Action
Years (Release year of first to most recent title) 1997 – 2021

Humble Bunde: Resident Evil – You can get it for €30

What does the Humble Bundle contain? All in all, for the price of 29.41 euros, you get ten full-fledged games that you can play on the PC if you have created a free Steam account. The games will then be bound to this account. Converted to that, you pay just under 3 € for each game.

If you were to purchase the games individually on Steam, the total price would be around €266. You will also receive a discount coupon. You can find out here which Resident Evil games are included in the bundle and why the bundle is worthwhile. However, you should not take too much time, the offer ends on August 23, 2022.

Dream for all horror fans – complete “Resident Evil” series for a mere 30 euros

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Humble Bunde: Resident Evil – The bundle offers these games from the horror series

Resident Evil Zero (2003): Originally planned as an exclusive title for the N64, Capcom initially only released the prequel to the 2003 horror series on the Nintendo Gamecube. While Resident Evil Zero isn’t necessarily a fan- and critic-favorite, it adds some interesting aspects to the series’ story.

Resident Evil Zero


You control young cop Rebeca Chambers and convict Billy Coen through a train, an abandoned mansion and various Umbrella labs while solving puzzles and fighting your way through monsters and zombies. Included in the Humble Bundle is the remaster of the game that was released on Steam in 2016 and also finally supports 16:9 screens.

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Resident Evil (2002): This “Resident Evil” part is considered by fans and critics as one of the best remakes of all time. The title appeared a year before Resident Evil Zero and was also exclusive to the Gamecube at times. The series creator Shinji Mikami was in charge of the remake, which is noticeable in the dense atmosphere and the visually successful art direction.

Included in the Humble Bundle is the Steam version which, just like Resident Evil Zero, was re-released in 2016 for PC and consoles. To make it short: This title is a first-class horror classic that laid the foundation for an entire genre.

Resident Evil 2 (2019): The remake of the original Resident Evil 2 is a complete reimagining of the fan favorite originally released in 1998 for PC, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast. However, the remake takes some liberties and dresses the story about the young policeman Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in a more technically modern guise.

Resident Evil 2


The title was in development for a while and actually lived up to the high expectations of the fanbase. Capcom achieved this feat not only through the fantastic staging and the harmonious horror atmosphere, but also through the mysterious Mr. X, who chases the players through an abandoned police station and is as unyielding as he is terrifying.

Resident Evil 3 (2020): Capcom released another all-encompassing remake of 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis just a year later. The title didn’t quite convince the long-established fans due to its short playing time, but it represents another solid entry in the popular horror series.

Resident Evil 3

© Capcom

Although the focus in this game is more on action than on horror, the critics were rather disappointed by the game’s rather short playing time. As a bonus in the Humble Bundle, the title cuts a very good figure and will provide a few entertaining hours.

Resident Evil 4 (2005): Resident Evil 4 is a milestone in video game history. He not only revolutionized the action genre with his gameplay, but still managed to bring horror and atmosphere to the screens in an unprecedented way. The title appeared exclusively for the Gamecube until, due to its success over the years, it was re-released in almost every generation of consoles from the PS2 to the Nintendo Switch – and rightly so.

Resident Evil 4

© Capcom

Capcom is currently working on a remake of Resident Evil 4, which is due out next spring. By the way: for the Steam version, which is included here in the Humble Bundle, a fan mod was recently released, for which all textures of the game were redesigned from scratch in 4K resolution. There’s never been a better time than now to catch up on Resident Evil 4 if you’ve missed it so far.

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Resident Evil 5 (2008): Capcom tried to repeat the success of its predecessor with Resident Evil 5. This time, however, horror elements were completely dispensed with and relied entirely on action gameplay. Unfortunately, Capcom couldn’t reproduce what they created with Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5 will probably always be overshadowed by its immediate predecessor.

resident evil 5

© Capcom

That doesn’t mean that Resident Evil 5 isn’t a good game though, as the entire campaign can be played through online co-op or even with a friend via LAN. This is where the title shows its strengths and can be fun for a few hours. But Resident Evil 5 should really be played with two people for the best gaming experience. Unfortunately, alone it quickly becomes boring. The Humble Bundle includes the Gold Edition including all DLCs.

Resident Evil 6 (2012): Resident Evil 6 is retrospectively considered the black sheep of the series. The horror aspect was completely ignored in favor of the action. The story is silly (even by Resident Evil standards) and staged in such an absurd way that even Michael Bay would pale.

Resident Evil 6


Only the coop campaign saves the title, because just like Resident Evil 5, the sixth part of the series can be played with a friend. While the game was a financial success for Capcom, it was panned by fans and critics. Resident Evil 6 isn’t necessarily a lousy game, but it does represent the series’ lowest point and feels more like a Gears of War-esque shooting gallery.

Resident Evil 7 (2017): Resident Evil 7 represented a fresh start for the series. Gone were the days of bombastic staging, the horror elements finally returned. In addition, the game was played entirely in the first-person perspective. On the PS4, the title can even be experienced completely in VR. The bold move to radically change the series once again earned Capcom plaudits from fans and critics alike.

From the first to the last minute, Resident Evil 7 is a horror experience that is still incredibly intense today and is guaranteed to make you sweat a lot. Unfortunately, the PC version of the Humble Bundle does not come with the VR version, which unfortunately is still a PS4 exclusive to this day. That said, the PC version is fantastically done and definitely worth the money – especially in this bundle.

50% Discount Coupon for Resident Evil Village (2021): Capcom could not be persuaded to pack the latest part of the series into the Humble Bundle. Resident Evil Village was released in May 2021 and consistently continues the story from Resident Evil 7 about Ethan Winters. Resident Evil Village DLC is coming soon.

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However, with the coupon included in the Humble Bundle, you get a 50% discount on Steam if you want to buy Resident Evil Village. However, the coupon is only valid until September 7, 2022 and cannot be combined with other discount offers on Steam. Resident Evil 8 currently costs just under €40 in the Steam Store, with the coupon you would still pay €20.

Resident Evil Revelations (2013): Resident Evil Revelations is a spin-off from the series and revolves around Jill Valentine, who is already known from the first Resident Evil. The game was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, but due to its good reviews and commercial success, it was subsequently made available for PC and consoles.

Resident Evil Revelations


The title is quite entertaining and offers an exciting story that knows how to convince with various twists and horror passages. Resident Evil Revelations may look a bit outdated technically (after all, the title comes from the Nintendo 3DS), but it’s still fun for a few hours.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (2015): Due to the great success of Resident Evil Revelations, Capcom had a sequel developed, but this was no longer released on the Nintendo 3DS, but for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game was released over a period of months in four episodes, which could also be purchased individually.

Resident Evil Revelations 2


The full title is playable in co-op mode and received positive reviews. This makes it the third game in the bundle that you can also play with a friend. The Humble Bundle includes the so-called “Deluxe Edition”, which includes all story chapters and all available expansions and DLCs that have been released via Steam.

Humble Bundle with Resident Evil: is it worth it and where to find it

Is the bundle worth it now? Absolutely. The package not only offers real added value for horror fans. While it doesn’t include the original trilogy of the first three games from 1996-1999, this bundle is probably one of the best deals to get into the popular horror series. If you want to bring a good piece of video game history into your home, you should definitely grab it.

The value for money is really not to be underestimated. While not all of the series’ spin-offs are included in the bundle (where’s the PC port of Resident Evil: Code Veronica anyway?), the bundle spans nearly two decades of horror gaming history.

Where can you buy the bundle? Here you come to offer. The action is appropriately called “Resident Evil: Decades of Horror”. You can find out which parts of Resident Evil you absolutely have to play in our overview.

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