MoMoCa 8/15/22: Who is this Maria and why is she going to heaven? – News

MoMoCa 8/15/22: Who is this Maria and why is she going to heaven?  - News


Since the employees living in Bavaria are culpably taking a holiday, Jörg is at first desperately looking for someone to talk to. Luckily he finds it in “atheistic” Berlin…

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Despite Mariaes (sic) Ascension Day, you hear your beloved Monday morning podcast, and due to the circumstances, it actually appears in the morning. But not only the public holiday drives us into the parade this week, but also the crazy idea of ​​an employee to just want to go on vacation. Jörg is all the more grateful for his interlocutor Christian Burchenworld-renowned creator of the column series Burtchen’s Stream of Consciousness.

  • 01:10 Marias or Mariae Assumption?
  • 03:10 Christian Burtchen introduces himself: “I’m, um, in my mid-thirties…”
  • 08:10 For Christian, the frontend designer, what are GamersGlobal’s three biggest design sins?
  • 10:50 Our guest works full-time for a payment company.
  • 12:50 Christian as a player: How did his favorite genres, real-time strategy and adventures, develop?
  • 15:57 Long monologue about the genre of RTS.
  • 22:40 Christian has recently Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars played – the “polished form of the original genre”.
  • 25:15 Jörg has learned to appreciate round strategy again in his “middle years”; Christian gets stuck on the keyword Strategic Command—American Civil War in terms of initial hurdles and strikes the bow elex 2.
  • 30:05 Keyword “come in” – what about streaming series? And what is Christian watching right now? For example Schitt’s Creek. He is looking forward to The Rings of Power.36:10 The preview! The next content by and with Christian Burtchen will be available tomorrow, with his latest column. Another planned highlight is Thymesia.
  • 39:00 Shall we address both user questions? maestro worries about the power supply in the GamersGlobal office.
  • 41:41 Henning Lindhoff has a suggestion regarding guides.
  • 42:52 question one User Cuvée: Why are you doing this stupid Japan documentary instead of something clever?
  • 45:25 Big rebuke to the users and farewell
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Have fun with the humorous round of talks – even if the question from the title is not answered at all…