New Tales from the Borderlands: First details leaked

New Tales from the Borderlands: First details leaked

The first details of a possible new game called New Tales from the Borderlands have been leaked.

Gearbox Software is most likely working on a reveal of New Tales from the Borderlands. The game could be presented at the Opening Night Live Event in August.

New Tales from the Borderlands has now been ranked by IMDA Singapore. The M18 rating reveals the first details and reveals that there will also be a Deluxe Edition of New Tales from the Borderlands, which will also include Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. As for the new game itself, three protagonists seem to play the main roles.

According to the classification, New Tales from the Borderlands will be released for Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Switch.

New Tales From The Borderlands Deluxe Edition is a compilation of Tales From the Borderlands and its sequel New Tales From The Borderlands. The compilation is rated M18 for strong violence and gory scenes. For more information on Tales From The Borderlands, visit the game’s classification database.

New Tales From The Borderlands is an adventure game set on the futuristic planet Pandora. The game revolves around Anu, a scientist who, with the help of her brother Octavio and Fran, the owner of a frozen yogurt shop, wants to harness a crystal with healing powers. They fight against corporate interests that want to take control of the crystal.

The game is rated M18 as it is very violent and bloody.

The player controls one of the three protagonists at various points in the game and makes narrative choices when presented with dialogue or plot options. The player can encounter enemies such as humans, robots and mutants. These encounters require the player to press a series of buttons to pass the encounter. Failure to do so often results in death and the player must start over at the previous checkpoint.

In the course of the game there are violent depictions of violence. An example of such an encounter is a man stabbing a woman in the neck or head; or the woman freezes the man and crushes him, leaving frozen fragments including a severed limb and head. There are also other strong depictions of violence with details of blood splatters, such as B. People who are shot in the chest or head, or stabbed in the eye with a pistol grip. In addition, there are gory depictions such as that of a woman with a severed leg and a sequence in which a character attempts to reattach a severed head to a corpse with a metal rod. Overall, these depictions would be more suitable for a rating below M18, where the rating guidelines allow for “depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming, or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.”

The game contains some crude expressions like the swear word “f**k” and other words like “ass”, “shit” and “bastard”.

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