Diablo Immortal: Paragon Farm Guide – How To Level Up Fast

Diablo Immortal Paragon S1

The Paragon in Diablo Immortal is an important part in your endgame build that you should definitely not ignore. We’ll show you what the Paragon is, what skill trees there are and how you can level it up quickly.

What is Paragon? The Paragon feature will only be unlocked once you reach level 60 with your hero. Only then do you unlock special talent trees, which you can further expand over the course of your journey. So the Paragon is a collection of different talent trees that you can unlock in your order according to your standards.

They bring you bonuses such as increased damage, more life or even better loot by farming opponents. It is therefore important to deal with the bonuses after reaching level 60, as they are indispensable, especially in the endgame.

Level up fast in Diablo Immortal – Guide to max level 60

What skill trees are there? There are a total of six trees that you can level up, two of which only unlock at Paragon level 150:

  • conqueror
  • survivor
  • treasure hunter
  • gladiator
  • soldier
  • Masterful

So you can quickly level up your Paragon

In order to increase your Paragon level quickly, you have to farm XP like crazy. So you only get points to redeem the skill bonuses when you level up. The best way to do this is in the Realm of Damnation in the Planes of Torment. To do this, you walk around the rock formations we have marked and kill enemies who spawn.

Another way to farm XP is by completing a Hidden Hoard. The caves are a kind of small dungeon that are populated with enemies and grant you loot upon completion.

Diablo Immortal Doomed Realm Farming
Realm of Damnation near Planes of Agony

In addition, you can still do bounties, which also give you an extra boost. If that’s not enough for you, you should collect Battle Points for your Battle Pass. To do this, you simply complete dungeons or elder portals and redeem them.

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Then, when you level up in the Battle Pass, you always get a huge amount of XP on top. It is therefore worthwhile to level up the pass even after you have earned all the “Battle Pass” levels. However, there is no way without a grind, you have to invest time to get points.

What should I do if I assigned my points incorrectly? If you haven’t thought about the skill trees yet and are now regretting your current bonus selection, then don’t despair. You can reset your Paragon once per week. You will be refunded all the points you have used and can make your bonus selection again. So don’t worry about making wrong decisions, be creative and enjoy trying new combinations.

What do you think of the Paragon? Do you think it ensures that you still have a reason to grind even after the official story max level? Let us know in the comments!

With level 60 you have finally reached the endgame in Diablo Immortal. For MeinMMO author Maik Schneider that’s not just a reason to celebrate, because he looked at the Paragon system and realized that P2W is no longer the biggest problem.

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