Fire at the Japanese Nintendo development building

Nintendo Entwicklungsgebäude Kyoto

Also Nintendo is not immune to misfortune: In the development building of the Japanese Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto a fire reported. We clarify how bad the effects are and what happened here.

Fire alarm at Nintendo, no injuries

Like the Japanese site NHK News Web was reported on 15th of August at 1 p.m. local time Fire in the development building reported by Nintendo’s headquarters.

The extent of the disaster is not known, but the fact that eight fire trucks should have been on the way to the scene of the accident, suggests a large fire. Fortunately, the fire failed shortly thereafter from the employees be deleted yourself.

According to the police, they were in a room on the third floor some tables and chairs partially burned. I have injured people with me Not given, but the shock among the employees is likely to run deep at first.

Fittingly, Nintendo had only had this a few weeks earlier new contingency plans worked out. The focus was on disaster situations such as earthquakeswhich are not uncommon in Japan.

Nevertheless, the new plans could, especially because of the topicality of the quick reaction of employees have contributed.

These were able to prevent components that are important for the development process from being lost – not to mention the health of the developers themselves.

The local police and fire department investigate currently the cause. Based on the local conditions, one assumes one electrical cause that could have started the fire.

As Bloomberg reported, Japan has been experiencing unusually hot weather for more than two weeks around 35 degrees Celsius struggling, breaking the record for hot days in one year.

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Accordingly, under the appropriate circumstances, the Overheating of electronics as an option from which a fire in a high-tech building like the Nintendo Headquarters Development Building is entirely possible.

But these are only assumptions, the Japanese authorities will certainly clarify more details within the next few days or weeks.