One Piece Red: on the way to the most successful film spin-off

One Piece Red - Uta Musicvideo feat Ado

Although many fans worldwide still have to be patient until One Piece Red hitting local cinemas, the fifteenth film installment of the pirate saga in Japan is already scoring record sums.

If this trend continues, the screen adventure about Red Shanks and his daughter Uta should become the most successful cinema appearance of the budding Pirate King.

Highest-grossing film release: One Piece Red sets box office records

With the August 6, 2022 Luffy (respectively Luffy) and Co. set sail in Japan for their latest adventure on the big screen. With this opener, the franchise surpassed itself and enticed more viewers into the cinemas than previous films.

The gratifying balance of the first weekend is: Approx 1.58 million tickets sold and a Box office earnings of well over 16 million euros!

© Ado via YouTube/Eiichiro Oda/2022 “One Piece” production committee

Only one other anime movie managed to rake in even bigger sums at its launch: Mugen Train – the canvas offshoot of Demon Slayer – generated a whopping 31.9 million US dollars in the first weekend, which equates to around 31.4 million euros at the current exchange rate.

In France, one of the few countries that, along with Japan, has already had the pleasure of broadcasting “One Piece Red”, the title immediately took off the top of the most successful anime theatrical releases.

On August 13, those responsible behind the official Twitter account of OP_FILMRED proud that they now have around 3.6 million visitors as well as sales of over 5 billion yen (about 37 million euros).

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Considering that the film still has several weeks if not months to run in its country of origin, while the majority of international fans are impatiently pawing their hooves until they can storm the cinema halls in autumnthe signs for “One Piece Red” are more than good to be able to call themselves the most successful “One Piece” film spin-off.

Our author Heiner has one extensive and yet spoiler-free overview brought together with everything you can look forward to in the latest big screen adventure. On the other hand, if you want to know more about it, you are welcome to take a look at the articles Shank’s past or his crew throw.

And if you’re wondering what creator Eiichiro Oda is actually planning after the end of his pirate epicso Ben can give you an answer.

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