Pre-order Alone in the Dark: All information in the pre-order guide

Pre-order Alone in the Dark: All information in the pre-order guide

Alone in the dark appears in a new guise. THQ Nordic has decided to breathe life back into the horror classic. That’s why the game is now being updated with new approaches by Pieces Interactive developed. All signs point to a reboot, it’s “a reboot”.

And THQ not only presented the game, but immediately the Preorder launch announced, although they still owe us the final release date.

That means you can do the new thing horror game Pre-order now from selected online shops so that it is available in good time to the release arrives at your house and you don’t have to run to the store.

You can buy “Alone in the Dark” at these shops:

Here at Amazon you can pre-order the game for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC:

In addition, the game is now available for pre-sale MediaMarkt and Saturn:

What is Alone in the Dark about?

Alone in the Dark (2022) is a reboot and a tribute to the horror cult classic the 90s. The game will maintain the roots of the original while being appropriately transported into the modern era.

The developer studio has tweaked the gameplay and graphics, but the core remains the same intense horror experience.

In contrast to older parts of the series, the reboot does not bring any static camera perspectives, the focus is on one Third person view.

However, the fans are allowed to familiar environments, characters and a similar orientation happy as we are used to from before.

So it goes back to the Derceto Mansion and Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood also play a part. We can either play with Edward or Emily, with whom we then explore the gothic mansion.

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Expect low ammo, dark secrets, and tough survival!