The Callisto Protocol: Singapore age assessment done

The Callisto Protocol (Action-Adventure) von Krafton / Skybound Games

The horror is getting closer: In far-away Singapore, the age from which you can play The Callisto Protocol has now been set. The translated reasons read in part involuntarily funny.

If everything works out, then horror fans who also have a soft spot for video games can rejoice from December 2nd of this year. Then comes the much-anticipated gore-fest The Callisto Protocol for consoles and PC. The Singapore Ratings Board has given the game an 18+ rating after viewing the game. Of course there is also a short statement.

The spinning wood chipper

Those in the know already know most of the crimson-colored horrors that await in Glen Schofield’s forthcoming single-player action game. The age classifiers in Singapore estimated that they did not have this advantage and justify the age classification for Callisto Protocol as follows:

“Throughout the game there are graphic depictions of violence as the player thrashes, stomps, or shoots weapons at humans and mutant creatures. More powerful depictions show enemies being dismembered and decapitated, with plenty of bloodshed depicted. The player can also choose a Use spinning wood chopper to obliterate enemies, resulting in visible haze of blood.

These depictions of violence are included under the M18 rating, where the classification guidelines allow for depictions of realistic violence, such as killing, maiming, or causing other serious injury to humanoid characters.”

German players continue to tremble

Many players are worried about how the game is classified by the USK. The USK should already have the same material that was picked in Singapore. After the completely senseless cuts in the German version of Dying Light 2, there should still be a sword of Damocles hanging over an uncut release of the game for over 18s in this country. Latest updated video: Red Band Cinematic Trailer

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