WoW: First Mythic+30 keystone completed in time (season 4)

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Ambitious Mythic Plus players are testing the limits of what is possible early in Season 4 of WoW: Shadowlands and completing Keystones at +30. A group has now managed for the first time to master a +30 key in the allotted time.

Already in the second ID of WoW: Shadowlands season 4, groups complete Mythic Plus dungeons at keystone level +30. A party of a Blood Death Knight, a Holy Priest, and three Survival Hunters became the first party in Season 4 to complete a 30 Keystone at +30 in time. How to at the Tier List for Mythic Plus Dungeons As you can see, nothing has changed in the M+ metagame. Although the Survival Hunter’s AoE damage has been slightly reduced, its single-target damage has been increased at the same time.

The first +30 key wasn’t Mechagon’s junkyard, as many expected, but the streets of Tazavesh. In the Summary of you can see which item level the characters have, which pacts and media they use and which Legendaries they play with.

Average DpS of 30,000 for the survival hunters

You can watch the run again in the Twitch VoD. The players who completed the first +30 keystone in time were Gregdk (death knight), Lgaslidgfhai (Priest), Juicydrop (Hunter), pxh (Hunter), yoda (Hunter). Those familiar with the Mythisch-Plus scene will not be unfamiliar with these names, but what about the players from Echo and Co? The previous leaders of the Keystone rankings are not playing very actively at the moment, having until recently been stuck with preparations for the Great Push tournament, which kicks off this weekend.