2089 – Space Divided: Classic sci-fi RTS from Germany soon in Steam Early Access

2089 - Space Divided: Classic sci-fi RTS from Germany soon in Steam Early Access

from Michael Miskulin
The strategy game 2089 – Space Divided is scheduled to start in Steam Early Access in September. It focuses on classic RTS gameplay with resource gathering and base building.

With 2089 – Space Divided we are presented with a classic RTS that plays in a science fiction scenario, which comes from a small German studio. It is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access very soon, on September 16th to be exact.

In the vein of Command and Conquer: Tempest Rising will be released in 2023 as a classic RTS

What is 2089 – Space Divided?

The gameplay of 2089 – Space Divided couldn’t be more classic: As in any good old-school RTS, players have to collect resources, build their own base, raise troops and destroy enemy units. First you choose one of three futuristic factions as commander. The Andar are technically skilled, possessing sophisticated weaponry and strong defensive structures. The Redaxh, on the other hand, look like ugly insects while their technology is entirely different. While the structures are weak, the weapon systems are devastating. The Zan, on the other hand, have outdated weapon systems and must take advantage of ambush attacks.

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Players gather resources using mines, generators, and drones. This is how you collect crystal, titanium and electricity to keep the war machine running. In order to adapt one’s own strategy, an individual focus can be determined with the research. Technologically, you should always stay up to date. Base building is also an important part of the game. So in 2089 – Space Divided you can also decide to work as a nomad. Buildings can be placed anywhere in the world. In this way, strategically useful points can be occupied. If you want to take a look at the game, you can download and try out a first demo on the Steam website.

Source: Steam