Blizzard throws Asmongold out of WoW – he is said to have cheated

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Asmongold is currently one of the most popular streamers worldwide. The attention is correspondingly high when he either criticizes games – or is banned from platforms. After being banned from Twitch in June for racist slurs in an in-game chat, the streamer has now been temporarily phased out World of Warcraft kicked out. In a YouTube video, the streamer spoke about why he was suspended.

Real money transactions in WoW

According to an email from Blizzard, there was an accusation that Asmongold helped Real Money Transactions participates. The successful streamer vehemently denied this in his video and sarcastically thanked Blizzard for the opportunity to deal with this situation clickbait to use on Youtube. Blizzard also wrote in the mail that there may be parts of its inventory turned off could become. Asmongold’s anger was correspondingly great.

In the email he read in the video, Blizzard also emphasized that the suspension would not be withdrawn and that an appeal to this decision might not be answered. In addition, he remarked that blizzard recently banned or suspended numerous players for questionable reasons.

Interestingly, Asmongold himself was able to play World of Warcraft again about two hours after the original suspension. So the suspension was restored in the meantime canceled. The threatened loss of inventory components also did not materialize. The reaction on his part was correspondingly pleased, but still sarcastic.

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