Buy PS5 from Amazon: Only by invitation for “real customers”

Buy PS5 from Amazon: Only by invitation for “real customers”

from Thilo Bayer
It seems that only receives the PS5 by invitation. This was noticed by the well-informed industry magazine Gameswirtschaft, among others.

We already know this from other platforms: Products with high demand are no longer sold freely in unlimited quantities, but only in standard quantities and sometimes even by raffle or invitation. What Amazon is already doing in the USA and Great Britain now seems to be catching on in Germany.

Available by invitation only

If a PS5 can be ordered, whether with or without a bundle, then there is currently only the opportunity to request an invitation, as with the current PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West as a voucher for 559.99 euros. That was noticed this morning and will now also confirmed by the games industry. Amazon is thus tightening up the sale of the PS5 – since last summer you have needed a Prime membership to order it. That’s no longer enough, but the invitation solution eliminates the Prime requirement according to the games industry.

Amazon says the PS5 is “invitation only,” which is used for high-demand items with limited quantities. Amazon “cannot meet all requests”. The invitation system was implemented “to ensure that as many ‘real’ customers as possible can purchase these items”. If you are invited to purchase, you will receive an email when the item is available. Not all requests are granted, Amazon said. The invitation request email states that if you receive an invitation, you have 72 hours to click the link provided.

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According to Gameswirtschaft, the program should be used “permanently”, so you always get new invitations as soon as devices are in stock. However, this only applies to products that are sold and shipped directly by Amazon. The industry magazine is rightly surprised as to why this measure has only come so late at Amazon. According to statistics, Amazon currently only sells a batch of new PS5s once a month.