Dune: A new open world game will be announced soon

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After publisher Funcom in April 2022 with Dune: Spice Wars has launched a new strategy game in Early Access, there could soon be another title in the Dune universe. The reason for the much speculation is a new tweet from the mysterious insider The Snitch. Without details, he has part of the poster for Wednesday morning Dune movie shared as an image by Denis Villeneuve. We don’t yet know exactly what he means by that – although an announcement about Dune seems to be on the way.

Second project by Funcom

It is known that publisher Funcom – known for Conan Exiles – is currently not only working on Dune: Spice Wars, but is also in the middle of developing one open world titles located in the Dune universe. First artworks from the project were published here in May. So far, however, there has not been an official disclosure. Maybe this game is behind the insider’s hint and we’ll see some early footage shortly.

Announcement at Gamescom?

In just a few days it could be at the Gamescom Opening Night Live give a trailer for the Dune project. Funcom is also one of the exhibitors at the fair and will be presenting the new rhythm shooter in the event area Metal: Hellsinger present. If you want to see the event live, you can either get tickets for the show on site or be there on Twitch, YouTube and Co. It starts on August 23, 2022 at 8 p.m.