Fallout: Leaked images from the Amazon series show Shelter 32

Fallout: Leaked images from the Amazon series show Shelter 32

Amazon and Bethesda are currently working on the Fallout series that we’ll be seeing on Prime Video. However, it will still take a while until the publication, because the production of Kilter Films (last responsible for Westworld) is now in the middle of the preparations for the upcoming shooting. We now have a first look at the set Leaked on Twitterwhich has several images of the alleged shelter 32 of the series shows.

Replica of a complete shelter

If you were worried that the Fallout series would use a lot of CGI, you should be happy about the photos. A shelter with many rooms and corridors is currently being recreated for the production. Also the well-known one pip boy of the series is featured on one of the posters in the Shelter. Of the actors there is still no trace of the series on the pictures. Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, Kyle MacLachlan and Xelia Mendes-Jones are among the cast.

This is what the Power Armor looks like

Amazon and Bethesda shared an official image of Fallout with fans at the end of July. On it was the famous Power Armor to see where the designers have been heavily inspired by the games. If you want to see the photo, just have a look at ours message at that time over. We have included the pictures of the current leak and the first look at the Shelter 32 for you below.